Book Review: Whistling in the Dark


Whistling in the Dark

Shirley Hughes

Candlewick Press


Children’s Fiction

Pub Date 14 Nov 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Whistling in the Dark through Candlewivk Press and Netgalley:

1940 Liverpool, thirteen year old Joann finds that her home is under constant threat from the Nazi’s, and there terrifying air raids. With the strict rationing’s, curfews and blackouts everyone’s on edge.

Joann finds one solace and that is going to the movies with her best friend, Doreen, but as the bombings get worse, even that is taken away . Joann is also aware of the strange man that lurks near her home. She doesn’t know he is, or why he thinks Joann is able to help him!

As they deal with the worsening Blitz, Joann and her friends make a discovery that can tase the whole community apart? Can the community overcome what they find out?

Can Joann help the mysterious man?

Find out in Whistling in the Dark!

Five out of five stars!

Happy reading!

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