Book Review: Blind Betrayal

Blind Betrayal

by Nancy Mehl

Bethany House

Bethany House Publishers


Pub Date 17 Apr 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Blind Betrayal through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:

Martin Avery wants to tell his attacker’s that he is a good son and helps to care for his Special Needs Sister. He is angered, he is a good man so why is someone out to hurt him?

Deputy u.S Marshall Casey Sloanne has been working at the St Lois Marshall’s office for a couple of years when she is given a routine assignment helping to transport a reporter Valerie to D.C to testify in front of a Grand Jury. The reporter had been a story about an up and coming environmentalist who disappeared, and later discovered whose backers may have ties to terrorism.

This seemingly ordinary assignment suddenly takes a shocking turn, Casey must put her own feelings aside about the unexpected reappearance of a man from her past , as she and the other two marshals take Valerie on the run. Soon it becomes apparent her testimony has more dangerous implications than they knew.

Can they all make it out alive?

Find out in Blind Betrayal!

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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