Book Review: The Advice Column Murders

The Advice Column Murders

The Oakwood Mystery Series

by Leslie Nagel

Random House Publishing Group – Alibi


Mystery & Thrillers , Women’s Fiction

Pub Date 03 Apr 2018

I am reviewing a copy of The Advice Column Murders through Alibi and Netgalley:

Charley Carpenter feels like death warmed over, she swallows pain relievers to help ease the Insomnia induced headache she can’t seem to shake. She wanted to crawl back under the covers but that wasn’t an option.

Charley knows the couple next door is hiding something, her new neighbors are standoffish but she can hear the loud screams even behind closed doors, something isn’t right, but what?

A neighbors daughter is murdered, but who would want to kill her, and why? Could it have anything to do with the secrecy?

I give The Advice Column Murders four out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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