Book Review: The Love Letter

The Love Letter

A Novel

by Rachel Hauck

Thomas Nelson–FICTION

Thomas Nelson

Christian , Romance

Pub Date 12 Jun 2018

I am reviewing a copy of The Love Letter through Thomas Nelson and Netgalley:

Chloe Daschle is an actress whose forte is not romance on life or on the screen, but she knows how to play a convincing death scene, the very thing that may be killing her career.

Chloe is given a sneak peek at an epic love story. It is then she takes matters in her own hands and auditions for the lead female role Esther Kingsley. The tale is inspired by family Lore and a one page letter by the ancestor of the screenwriter Jesse Gares. If she lands this role it may well break her out of the rut she finds herself in. Jesse would rather write about romance than live it but there’s no denying there’s a chemistry between him and Chloe.

,Hamilton Lightfoot and Ester Longfellow wrote their own script in the days long before the Silver Screen even existed. In the midst of the Revolutionary War.

Esther’s father a loyalist opposes her relationship with Hamilton but Esther must face her beloved fathers disapproval and the dangers of war to convince Hamilton they have a future together.

Hamilton loved Esther for year’s and pens a letter to Esther on the eve of a battle a letter that comes from his heart.

I give The Love Letter five out of five stars!

Happy Reading

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