Book Review: Becoming Brave

Becoming Brave

How to Think Big, Dream Wildly, and Live Fear-Free

by Tracey Mitchell

Emanate Books


Pub Date 04 Sep 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Becoming Brave through Emanate Books and Netgalley:

This book shows us that a Courageous life does not come about accidentally, that we have to cultivate that life.

Having a brave life means we choose to be bold and not cower in defeat. Author Tracey Mitchell shows us an innovative, fresh approach to intentionally living a life that is both courageous and meaningful.

This book encourages us to think big, dream wildly, and to live without fear.

Mitchell points out too that the journey to becoming brave often lands us and the intersection of indecision and determination.

The author goes on to remind us that God loves answering prayers of faith, performing the impossible as well as fulfilling his daughters secret dreams.

We are reminded too that women.of faith don’t always start out without fear, that sometimes a worrier must evolve into a warrior.

Tracey Mitchell reminds us too that women can be both feminine and fierce, one does not cancel the other out.

If looking for approval we are encouraged not to look around but to look up.

We are reminded that the enemy most often uses betrayal to steal our courage.

It is pointed out too that it is not uncommon for friends to become rivals when dreams start to flourish.

We are reminded too that God has an epic role for all of us to play the question is will we choose to stand up for the audition.

People who are bravehearted have a way of empowering the timid to face the giants that look terrifying.

It is pointed out too that loving someone who has betrayed our trust takes a great deal of courage.

We are reminded too that if we do not intentionally map out our dreams someone will map them out for us.

Mitchell goes on to point out that though the enemy cannot read your mind, he can read our reactions.

It is pointed out too that we must learn to listen to what the Lord is saying when he is saying nothing at all.

We are reminded too to not always reach for a sword when someone picks a fight.

It is pointed out too that God never shortchanges his daughters.

It is pointed out too that God did not call us to hide our faith and live cozy comfortable lives, that instead he calls us to be brave.

I give Becoming Brave fight out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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