Book Review: The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond



The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond

by Jaime Jo Wright


Bethany House Publishers
Pub Date 03 Jul 2018



I am reviewing ing a copy of The Reckoning of Gossamer Pond through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:


The town of Gossamer Grove has thrived in charm and midwestern values for over a century.  Annalise Forsythe knows the painful secrets including her own secrets, hide just below the surface.



After a man is found dead in a run down trailer, Annalise ends up inheriting the trailer as well as photographs andvintage obituaries as well as old revival posters.  Going through the collections Annalise is in no way prepared for  the dark and deadly secrets she’s about to uncover.



A hundred years earlier Gossamer Grove is in chaos caused by the arrival of controversial twin revivalists.  The Chaos takes a murderous turn when Libby Sheffield who is working for her Father’s newspaper receives an obituary for a well respected church deacon hours before his death.  As Libby works with the Deacon’s son to find the mystery behind the deacon’s death it becomes obvious something is going on in this town.  It isn’t until another obituary arrives that they truly realize the depths of the danger they are in.


Two women living a hundred years apart must uncover the secrets of their town before it’s to late and they loose their future or their very souls.




I give The Reckoning of Gossamer Pond five out of five stars!



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Book Review: Saving Meghan



Saving Meghan

A Novel

by D.J. Palmer


General Fiction (Adult)
Pub Date 09 Apr 2019



I am reviewing ing a copy of Saving Meghan through St.Martin’s Press and Netgalley:


By the time she is fifteen a series of doctors, and tests along with unexpected illnesses, frequent changes in doctors  and a mother obsessed with trying to find out what’s wrong with Meghan even at Meghan’s expense leads others to start suspecting that maybe in a call for attention to herself her Mother Becky maybe making her sick.




When Meghan’s elements take a sharp turn, clashing medical opinions begin to raise questions about the strange nature of Meghan’s illnesses.  Doctors are starting to suspect Munchauseum Syndrome By proxy.  Is that what’s going on or is it something even worse?


The Gerard’s grow more and more suspicious of one another as well as their medical team.  Soon Becky finds herself raising to prove her daughter has deadly disease.  In order to do that Becky must first face her darkest fears and  the family secrets that not only threaten to not only upend her once ordered life, but to destroy it.



I give Saving Meghan five out of five stars!



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Book Review: A Murderous Malady



A Murderous Malady

A Florence Nightingale Mystery

by Christine Trent


Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 07 May 2019



I am reviewing a copy a a Murderous Malady through Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley:



Cholorea broke out in London, but what is worth that people are dying of something else, they are murder.



Late in the summer of 1854 a Cholorea outbreak had spread throughout London .  Florence Nightingale isoniazid the scene marshaling her nurses to help  treat the countless suffering patients at the Middlesex hospital , while the disease tared through the slums of Soho!   Beyond the danger of the disease something darker and more dangerous is lurking.





It starts with the attack on the carriage of Florence’s friend Elizabeth Herbert, the wife of Secretary at war  Sidney  Herbert, Florence   survives but her coachman does not. In just a matter of hours, Sidney’s valet stumbles into the hospital, mutters a few cryptic words about the attack, and then dies from cholera. Afraid that an assassin is stalking his wife, Sidney enlists Florence’s help, who accepts but has little to go on save for the valet’s last words and a curious set of dice in his jacket pocket. Soon, the suspects are piling up faster than cholera victims, and there seems to be no end to the number of the people who hold a grudge against the Herbert household.


I found this book held my attention from the first page to the last and was filled with intrigue so I give A Murderous Malady five out of five stars!


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Book Review: First the Jews



First the Jews

Combating the World’s Longest-Running Hate Campaign

by Rabbi Evan Moffic


Christian , Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date 15 Jan 2019



I am reviewing a copy of First the Jews through Abington Press and Netgalley:


Anti-semitism is certainly not something new, this hostility towards the Jewish people has been going on for centuries in this book Rabbi Evan Moffic, believes the answer to why Anti-Semitism, the world’s longest lasting and most persistent hatred continues to this day can be broken up into five rationale’s people most often use.  1.Jews are different.  2. Jews killed Jesus.  3.Jews are greedy.  4. Jews are an inferior race holding back scientific development and 5. Jews are western imperialists.  These rationales are just that, excuses people find to hate someone, or as the case maybe an entire religion.


To this day we are hearing of defaced synagogues and death threats of community leaders throughout the world. We sera rise in Anti-Semitism from parts of the right side of the political spectrum with a different kind of Anti-Semitism from some on the left.



In this book Rabbi Evan Moffic focuses on the events following 9.11 that shows new waves of discrimination against Jewish communities!


I found the arguments made in this book both compelling and thought provoking!

I give First the Jews four out of five stars!

Book Review: My Sister Is Missing



My Sister is Missing

by Julia Barrett


Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 14 Mar 2019



I am reviewing a copy of My Sister Is Missing through RedDoor Publishing and Netgalley:


Jess’s Sister loves being a new Mom to her baby daughter Natalie.  But she’s tired and anxious, that’s normal or is it?



One night Stephanie disappears with Natalie.  Jess does her best to convince herself that there’s a reasonable explanation  but when CCTV images of a woman jumping in front of a train with a small child Jess finds herself wondering if it could be Stephanie.  If it wasn’t Stephanie where could her sister be and if it was why would her sister do this?  And what does husband Adam have to hide?


If you are looking for a good suspenseful read, My Sister is Missing definitely fits that bill.


Four out of five stars!



Happy Reading







Book Review: Be Not Troubled



Be Not Troubled

A 6-Day Personal Retreat with Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

by Jeffrey Kirby


Pub Date 26 Apr 2019



I am reviewing a copy of Be Not Troubled through Ava Maria Press and Netgalley:


Jefferey Kirby motivated by his life changing encounter with the 250 plus your old classic book  Abandonment to Divine  Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade has created a spiritual balm and inspiration  for those who have been plagued with doubt, anxiety and fear.  In this sixth day devotional we are encouraged to let go of what we can’t control  and to give it to God, thus discovering a deep serenity in the Lord God.


In this book Kirby tackles the question how does a contemporary person  who is often forced to multitask and feels fragmented and torn in many different directions , who feels more connection through technology than with face to face interaction is supposed to feel closer to God.



In Be Not Troubled Jefferey Kirby draws on his years as a popular retreat leader and speaker to offer the reader the wisdom of Caussade distilled into a six-day personal retreat that equips you to embrace the present moment and shake fear from your min by recognizing the power of God.


Be Not Troubled is a perfect little devotional for those who are dealing with doubt, fear or anxiety.


Five out of five stars!



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Book Review: When Faith Fails



When Faith Fails

Finding God in the Shadow of Doubt

by Dominic Done

Thomas Nelson
Pub Date 19 Feb 2019



I am reviewing a copy of When Faith Fails through Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson and Netgalley:



If you have ever experienced a Gut Check when it comes to some of the intersections of our lives and our faith.


This book allows us to ask how we deal with the hard questions about God, The Church and the Bible.  This book reminds us that we are not the only one’s who have suffered doubt, great Christians such as Mother Teresa struggled through doubt.



Dominic Done reminds us with humor, heart and candor through his own experience, and Biblical stories as well as other stories he points out that not only is doubt a normal part of Faith, it can in fact be a path to a stronger and more vibrant faith.



I give When Faith Fails five out of five stars!



Happy Reading!

Book Review: All the Broken People


All The Broken People

by Amy Rivers

General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 05 Mar 2019



I am reviewing a copy of All the Broken People through Compathy Press LLC and Netgalley:



Alice Bennett is familiar with suffering.  But having successfully buried her abusivr childhood she is now living a life she never thought she would be able to live.  Alice Bennett married a perfect Southern Gentleman she has a job she loves, writing for a women’s magazine, but after her past comes back to haunt her she finds herself on the outs with her husband, and she feels like she is watching the perfect world she and her husband had built falling apart.





Alice who  is desperate to get back to the way things were travels to the mountains of North Georgia to care for her Mother in Law who had a bad fall.  She does that not purely out of selflessness she hopes it will put her back on her husband’s good side.  But when Alice arrives she learns the fall was no accident.  As she uncovers the truth of her husbands past  she must battle her inner demons as real danger lurks.

I found the book a bit slow going at first, but it did pick up so I give All the Broken People four out of five stars!



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Book Review: You’d Be Mine


You’d Be Mine

A Novel

by Erin Hahn


Wednesday Books
Teens & YA
Pub Date 02 Apr 2019



I am reviewing a copy of You’d Be Mine through St. Martin’s Press and Netgalley:


You’d Be Mine is one heck of a debut novel, if You’d Be Mine is any indication, Erin Hahn is going to take the YA market by storm!


Annie Mathers is America’s sweetheart, the heir to a country music legacy, which includes all the things her Gran had warned her about.    Clay Coolidge is a superstar and definitely one of those things Annie’s Gran had warned her about.



Clay Unfortunately  is unable to convince Annie to join his summer tour and now his music label is threatening to drop him.  This is what happens when a bad boy image becomes more than an image and becomes a reality.  Annie has doing the best to avoid the spotlight since her parents tragic death (aside from her skyrocketing Youtube channel.  Clay’s label wants to land Annie, and he is determined to make it happen.


Finally swayed by Clay’s Charm as well as his good looks Annie and her band finally agree to being a part of the tour.  From the beginning fans want Annie and Clay to be more than tour mates, but neither of them are sure they want such a high profile romance.


I give You’d Be Mine five out of five stars!



Happy Reading!







Book Review: In the Key of Nira Ghani



In the Key of Nira Ghani

by Natasha Deen

Running Press Kids
Multicultural Interest , Teens & YA
Pub Date 09 Apr 2019



I am reviewing a copy of In the Key Of Nira Ghani through Running Press Kids and Netgalley:


Nira Ghani has always dreamed of becoming a musician but her Guyanese parents have a different dream for her they want her to become a scientist or a doctor.  Only Nira’s Grandmother and her best friend Emily understand her need to establish her own identity outside of the one her parents mapped out for her. When auditions for a jazz band are announced, Nira realizes it’s now or never she must convince her parents that she deserves a chance to pursue her passion.


Fighting with her parents is bad enough, but now Nira finds herself navigating a new friendship dynamic when her crush Noah and notorious mean girl McKenzie who everyone calls “Mac”  takes an interest in her and Emily, inserting themselves into the group of friends.  Nira’s much cooler cans competitive cousin Farrah also tries to wiggle her way into the group.  Is McKenzie trying to steal Emily’s attention away from her? As Farah and Noah grow closer and Emily begins to pull away, Nira’s trusted trumpet “George” remains her constant, offering her an escape from family and school drama.



After Nira steps back she begins to realize that she is not the only one struggling to find her place in this world.



In the Key Of Nira Ghani is a story of culture and of coming of age, it’s a powerful story.



Five out of five stars!


Happy Reading!