Book Review: All the Broken People


All The Broken People

by Amy Rivers

General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 05 Mar 2019



I am reviewing a copy of All the Broken People through Compathy Press LLC and Netgalley:



Alice Bennett is familiar with suffering.  But having successfully buried her abusivr childhood she is now living a life she never thought she would be able to live.  Alice Bennett married a perfect Southern Gentleman she has a job she loves, writing for a women’s magazine, but after her past comes back to haunt her she finds herself on the outs with her husband, and she feels like she is watching the perfect world she and her husband had built falling apart.





Alice who  is desperate to get back to the way things were travels to the mountains of North Georgia to care for her Mother in Law who had a bad fall.  She does that not purely out of selflessness she hopes it will put her back on her husband’s good side.  But when Alice arrives she learns the fall was no accident.  As she uncovers the truth of her husbands past  she must battle her inner demons as real danger lurks.

I found the book a bit slow going at first, but it did pick up so I give All the Broken People four out of five stars!



Happy Reading!


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