Book Review: Be Not Troubled



Be Not Troubled

A 6-Day Personal Retreat with Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

by Jeffrey Kirby


Pub Date 26 Apr 2019



I am reviewing a copy of Be Not Troubled through Ava Maria Press and Netgalley:


Jefferey Kirby motivated by his life changing encounter with the 250 plus your old classic book  Abandonment to Divine  Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade has created a spiritual balm and inspiration  for those who have been plagued with doubt, anxiety and fear.  In this sixth day devotional we are encouraged to let go of what we can’t control  and to give it to God, thus discovering a deep serenity in the Lord God.


In this book Kirby tackles the question how does a contemporary person  who is often forced to multitask and feels fragmented and torn in many different directions , who feels more connection through technology than with face to face interaction is supposed to feel closer to God.



In Be Not Troubled Jefferey Kirby draws on his years as a popular retreat leader and speaker to offer the reader the wisdom of Caussade distilled into a six-day personal retreat that equips you to embrace the present moment and shake fear from your min by recognizing the power of God.


Be Not Troubled is a perfect little devotional for those who are dealing with doubt, fear or anxiety.


Five out of five stars!



Happy Reading!


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