Book Review: First the Jews



First the Jews

Combating the World’s Longest-Running Hate Campaign

by Rabbi Evan Moffic


Christian , Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date 15 Jan 2019



I am reviewing a copy of First the Jews through Abington Press and Netgalley:


Anti-semitism is certainly not something new, this hostility towards the Jewish people has been going on for centuries in this book Rabbi Evan Moffic, believes the answer to why Anti-Semitism, the world’s longest lasting and most persistent hatred continues to this day can be broken up into five rationale’s people most often use.  1.Jews are different.  2. Jews killed Jesus.  3.Jews are greedy.  4. Jews are an inferior race holding back scientific development and 5. Jews are western imperialists.  These rationales are just that, excuses people find to hate someone, or as the case maybe an entire religion.


To this day we are hearing of defaced synagogues and death threats of community leaders throughout the world. We sera rise in Anti-Semitism from parts of the right side of the political spectrum with a different kind of Anti-Semitism from some on the left.



In this book Rabbi Evan Moffic focuses on the events following 9.11 that shows new waves of discrimination against Jewish communities!


I found the arguments made in this book both compelling and thought provoking!

I give First the Jews four out of five stars!

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