Book Review: Overcoming Fear



Overcoming Fear

The Supernatural Strategy to Live in Freedom

by Dawna De Silva


Chosen Books
Pub Date 30 Apr 2019



I am reviewing a copy of Overcoming Fear through Chosen Books and Netgalley:



Overcoming Fear points out to us that we are motivated by fear far more than we think, than we realize.  We are often overwhelmed by our need to control situations but in this book we are reminded of the Biblical answers to battling both fear and anxiety.  In practical activating steps Dawn De Silva shows us how we can identify the fears, the patterns as well as the lies that damage our relationship with God, messing up that connection.  In this book we are encouraged to resist fear by taking ownership over the influence fear has in our lives, the liberation through the word and the Spirit.


The author reminds us that when we master power, love and self discipline, you will elevate  yourself above the enemy attacks and to be freed of fear and given abundant healthy living!  You will experience the true and healthy living that can only come from God!



I give Overcoming Fear five out of five stars!



Happy Reading!


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