Book Review: The White City



The White City

True Colors: Historical Stories of American Crime

by Grace Hitchcock


Barbour Books
Christian , True Crime
Pub Date 01 Mar 2019



I am reviewing a copy of The White City through Barbour Publishing, Inc, and Netgalley:



It’s 1893 The Chicago World’s Fair and Winnifred Wylde believes that she witnessed the kidnapping of a woman.  She tries her best to convince her Father who is an inspector with the Chicago police to look into the reports of missing people around The White City.  At first her Father, Inspector  Wylde tries to  dismiss his daughters claim as overactive imagination but he eventually agrees to let her go undercover as a secretary to the man in question only if she agrees to take her pistol for protection along with Jude Thorpe, who is a policeman for a body guard.


If you are looking to be transported back to Chicago World’s Fair In 1893 and taken on an action packed adventures of finding the infamous killer .H.H.  Holmes!


Will Winnifred Wylde be able to expose H.H Holmes for the monster he is or will she become the next victim of this illicit murderer!



I give The White City five out of five stars!



Happy Reading!







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