Book Review: Can’t Make This Stuff Up



Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Finding the Upside to Life’s Downs

by Susannah B. Lewis

Thomas Nelson
Pub Date 09 Apr 2019



I am reviewing a copy of Can’t Make This Stuff Up through Thomas Nelson and Netgalley:



Millions of fans turn to Susannah B Lewis’s hilarious, take no prisoner videos that capture her loud and funny personality along with deeply faithful look at the world.



In Can’t Make This Stuff Up Susannah brings us her keen eye for the absurd  as she tells tales from growing up in Tennessee.  In the form of a book she shares stories like the time an escaped Albino Panther wandered into her back yard to the The Thanksgiving when an egg from the centerpiece of the table hatched into a baby chick to the kind neighbors who brought casseroles not just for months after her Father died when she was eleven but for years.


The Stories she shares in this book deeply delve into the rich culture of the south, the culture that molded her.  She shares of how she clung to the Lord in times of grief, and embraced every opportunity to laugh.



I found Can’t Make This Stuff Up to be both deeply personal and inspirational dealing with everything from Grief to laughter.


Five out of five stars!


Happy Reading!

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