Book Review: Cinematic Faith


Cinematic Faith
A Christian Perspective on Movies and Meaning
by William D. Romanowski
Baker Academic & Brazos Press
Baker Academic
Christian , Entertainment
Pub Date 21 May 2019

From the start of the film industry at the turn of the twentieth century the church has played a role in the industry. Catholics, Christians and Evangelicals have all played various roles at different times in helping to allow the Industry to be looked at as a legitimate one.

Various Church groups at various times also worked to get the industry to act in a way they saw more appropriate going as far as to boycott the Industry.

This books shows us how Christians can benefit critically , reading, hearing and reviewing popular film. William Romanowski shows us the benefits of a faith based approach that centers on art and perspective showing how the Christian faith contribute to the movie going experience, allowing us a deeper understanding of movies and life. The author draws examples from classic and contemporary movies to bring these lessons to light.

Cinematic. Faith was a unique, thought provoking look at the Film Industry in the context of the Christian perspective and I find it worthy of five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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