Book Review: George Whitefield


George Whitefield
The First Transatlantic Revivalist

by Nigel D Scotland

Lion Hudson Ltd

Lion Books

Biographies & Memoirs

Pub Date 01 Sep 2019

I am reviewing a copy of George Whitefield: The First Transatlantic Revivalist through Lion Books and Netgalley:

George Whitefield was the youngest of seven children, he was born at the Bell In in the city of Gloucester on December 1714. George had clerical blood in his veins. There is not a lot known about his earliest years but in 1726 he was enrolled in a school ran by the Cathedral.

George Whitefield shared the Christian Message to more people in history than anyone else, before or since, who spoke with an unaided voice.

Whitefield had been a preacher of revival almost from childhood it is then that he prophesied his own destiny.

George Whitefield had a profound impact on the social, religious and political life of both Britain and America. George Whitefield crossed the Atlantic thirteen times and merged as a Celebrity figure. The messages he shared captivated both rich and poor a like! Whitefield shared a new kind of revival that was both spiritually powerful and entertaining at the same time. Whitefield was also a man of contradictions. He loved the Anglican liturgy but would happily break canon law. He was a devoted Puritan yet he was also able to befriend those with more liberal morals. Above all, Whitefield was a driven man, and his overwhelming passion was to preach New Birth in Christ the theme he was to speak on over a thousand times. He place a high value on education , he opposed slavery, cared for orphan children and changed the course of both British and American history.

If you are looking to read about an early revivalist, who traveled often at a time when traveling was a long and dangerous journey I highly recommend George Whitefield: The First Transatlantic Revivalist!

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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