Book Review: The Pear Tree


The Pear Tree
by Luli Gray

Penny Candy Books

Children’s Fiction

Pub Date 08 Oct 2019

In this beautifully illustrated and written retelling of an old folktale Esperanza (who was originally called Tia Miseria) gives a beggar the last pear she had and is in turn rewarded with the best pear crop she has ever had as well as the power to trap anyone she wants on the pear tree.

When Death comes for Esperanza she tricks him into going up the pear tree and traps him there, from that point on he’s stuck and no one dies. But after Esperanza learns the end to death does not mean the end to suffering she lets Death down to do his work.

This book is the final work by Legendary Author Luli Gray.

I give The Pear Tree five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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