Author Interview With Nigel Scotland Author of George Whitefield


I had the pleasure of interviewing Nigel Scotland author of George Whitefield a few weeks back!

1:) When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I think about 1978 when I started lecturing.

2:) What would be your advice to those who plan on being authors?
Choose a publisher with good editorial support.

3:) What made you choose to write about George Whitefield? (I am glad you did)
Lion Hudson asked me if I would be willing to do it.

4:) Are you working on any other projects?
Not right at this particular moment though I could be open to offers!

5:) How Long did it take you to research George Whitefield?
About two and a half years off and on with other things happening.

6:) What was your favorite part of the process of writing this book?
Being inspired by George Whtiefield.

7:) What’s your least favorite part of writing this book?
Looking for lost footnotes and references.

8:) Will you be writing about other great men of Faith?
Who knows? Or may be even women perhaps !

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