Book Review: The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit


The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit
Victorian Iconoclast, Children’s Author, and Creator of The Railway Children

by Eleanor Fitzsimons


Abrams Press

Biographies & Memoirs

Pub Date 08 Oct 2019

I am reviewing a copy of The Life and Loves of E Nesbit through Abrams and Netgalley:

Edith Nesbit was the fifth child of Sarah and John Nesbit was born on August.15.1858. When Edith was only eleven she began to write poetry.

Edith Nesbit is considered to be the first modern writer for Children and the inventor of the children’s adventure story.

I’m this book we learn that she was a fabulous socialite that she was love and admired by a dozen men, including George Bernard Shaw. She through legendary parties and was a profiling lecturer and writer on Socialism and we learn how she incorporated those ideas into her writing and I’m doing so she influenced a generation of children an aspect of her literary legacy never before examined. Fitzsimons’s riveting biography brings new light to the life and works of this famed literary icon, a remarkable writer and woman.

I give The Life and Loves of E.Nesbit five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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