Book Review: Cinmaron Girl


Cimarron Girl
The Dust Bowl Years of Abigail Brubaker

by Mike Blanc

Vanita Books

Children’s Fiction , History

Pub Date 01 Jun 2016

I am reviewing a copy of Cimmaron Girl through Vanita Books and Netgalley:

Cimarron Girl: The Dust Bowl Years of Abigail Brubaker is a fictionalized telling of a young Abby’s memories of the Dust Bowl, on their family farm located in Cimmaron Oklahoma.

The first person account tells of key events throughout Abby’s early life in the form until the time when conditions got so bad, their family like so many others were forced to leave their homes and look for a better life outside of Oklahoma, it was The Great Depression and things were bad everywhere but in Oklahoma things were far worse, due to the horrific conditions brought on by the Dust Bowl.

Cimaron Girl is a story of loss and challenges, but it is more a story of hope and overcoming despite great obstacles.

I give Cimaron Girl five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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