Book Review: Miracle Girl


Miracle Girl
by Jennifer DiGiovanni

Vinspire Publishing

Christian , Teens & YA

Pub Date 30 Nov 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Miracle Girl through Vinspire Publishing and Netgalley:

Leanne Strongs hates June 8th even though it should be a day of celebration, fifteen years prior in June 8th Baby Leanne was miraculously healed from a spinal cord defect after her Mother prayed to a Religious Mystic who was elevated to Sainthood. Since Leanne’s unexplained
cure, people by the thousands gather around her small town every year to celebrate her miracle. A miracle she does not remember but most of the time accepts as real.

After teen pitching phenomenon Braeden Dalisay moves into the house across from Leanne, he has a chip on his shoulder even bigger than his athletic talent. When they are forced to spend Summer in the same law office he and Leanne develop a working relationship that goes from stormy to silent. After Leanne learns Braden’s sister Emeline died making it clear to Leanne why Braden acts the way he does, Emeline Dalisay didn’t get a miracle.

Braeden starts to soften in time and he and Leanne grow closer, but after his family is hit by another traumatic event, he pulls away, the unfairness of a life of deep wound. Leanne wants to help Braden and his family heal as much as she wants a relationship with him. More than that, she wants a miracle for Braeden.

I give Miracle Girl five out of five stars!

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