Book Review: Protecting Tanner Hollow


Protecting Tanner Hollow
Four Romantic Suspense Novellas

by Lynette Eason



Pub Date 05 Nov 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Protecting Tanner Hollow through Revell and Netgalley:

In the first Novella, Lethal Homecoming, Nolan Tanner was never able to get over Kallie Ainsworth’s Sudden departure. Now that he finds himself coming to her rescue, after someone attempted to kill her, he finds himself fighting those old feelings once more.

The Second Novella in this four Novella collection is Lethal Conspiracy. In this book professional fundraiser Lillian Maloney sees her father’s campaign manager kill someone and soon finds herself on the run from the men the Campaign Manager hired to kill her. A close calls brings a fire fighter, Jason Tanner to the rescue, but can they escape with the killer closing in?

In the Third Novella, Lethal Secrets: Someone is determined to see Honor McBride dead. When Eli Murphy helps her change a flat tire, and learns of the trouble she is in, he longs to help. There is a problem though, Eli has secrets of his own, secrets that could get them all killed.

In the final Novella in the Protecting Tanner Hollow collection, Lethal Agenda: After Detective Derek St.John rescues a woman he has met just once before and has never been able to forget. Soon he finds himself falling for her. But in order to have a future together he will have to keep Claire Montgomery!

I give Protecting Tanner Hollow five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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