Book Review: The Cubbyhole Kid


Cubbyhole Kid
by C. E. Joseph
Page Publishing
Biographies & Memoirs
Pub Date 21 Nov 2019

I am reviewing a copy of the Cubbyhole through Page Publishing and Netgalley:

This book tells the heartrending true story of abuse and dysfunction in a California family in the late 1960’s.

Cubbyhole Kid is the story of a four year old boy as he recounts his early childhood days being raised in a strict Irish Catholic family in Los Angeles while expressing his gratitude and love for two incredible women that saved his life—his protective fourteen-year-old sister, his godmother, and his beautiful, faithful mother. Together he and his other siblings had to figure out how to navigate childhood around an abusive alcoholic Father with a hair triggered temper. He would deal with severe Childhood anxiety, suicidal depression and both physical and learning disabilities , the boy traveled inside the cubbyhole of there station wagon a small, two-by-four middle section of the family station wagon where he unexpectedly experiencing his World War II veteran father’s life-threatening road rage.

The young boy continued to fear for his life due to his Father’s erratic behavior the boy witnessed his father’s familiar, unpredictable violence, explosive temperament, and heavy drinking during our country’s escalating involvement in the Vietnam War, the hippie cultural movement, riots in the streets, and arguably the heyday of rock-and-roll music.

He tells lovingly of his older sister who did her best to shield him from their Fathers violence. His sister had become like a second Mother to him. While he experienced the beauty of life outside the home during his sister’s “teenage years, along with her friends who were part of the youth cultural shift that seemingly took place overnight. The nightly demonstration of violence and abuse, coupled with his father’s unwillingness to accept the generational changes taking place with society’s youth, and his mother’s unexpected illness, would definitely test the young boy’s faith.

If you are looking for a powerful story of overcoming abuse then I would recommend Cubbyhole Kid!

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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