For the Children

Image Copyright Michelle R Kidwell Dec.24.08

For the Children

Who laugh and cry

The ones who play

And the ones who sit idly by

The ones who find joy in

The simple things

And the children

Who simply try to get


For the children

Who know sickness

And the ones who know


For the Children

Who capture life

In both great and small


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


12:03 A.M PST

Capture A Smile

Capture a smile

Share a little laughter.

Enjoy the fun moments

A little more.

Don’t always look so


Take a lesson

From a child.

Live for the moment.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:30 P.M PST

The World AT Your Fingertips

Spent some time with my little buddy Tavin today.  He is growing in leaps and bounds, he turns three in April.  Tavin is my Moms best friends Grandson, and my friends Son!

Capture the world

With your mischevious smile.

You have the world at

Your fingertips.

Growing and learning

In so many ways.

I wish I could capture

All the special moments

In verse

And in picture

But that’s impossible.

I will just capture

The simple moments

And watch you grow.

Copyright Jan.07.2009

When You Capture A Child’s Smile

Amber and Angelina

Sunday Feb.01.09

Childrens Church, Hope Center

When you capture a child’s smile

I believe you are capturing a bit

Of the joy of life

The innocence

In laughing eyes!

When you capture a child’s smile

Genuine and real

Not some made up hollywood version

Of childhood

You remember the love

Jesus had for the children

And you cry the tears

For all those who experienced

Childhood lost.

When you capture a child’s smile

You are capturing

Genuine joy.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:13 P.M PST

Jesus Embraced the Child

Jesus Embraced the Child

In the innocence

Of all that Childhood stood for.

He embraced the child

And commanded we

Be more like the little child

With the innocent faith

That captures the beauty

That is childhood.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:12 P.M PST

Moments Like This, You Gotta Love Them

Moments like this

You gotta love them

Capture memories

In still pictures

The baby at four

And a half months

A memory to look back on

Maybe one day

I will have a child to call my own

But this way

When she cries

I can give her back to

Mamma (LOL)

I love the moments

Like this

When I can capture


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:25 P.M PST

What A Beautiful Day to Celebrate

Image July.06.09

Malachi. Autumeve and Mystery

Malachi Turned ten today happy Birthday

You are somewhere between

A little boy and a young man

Ten years old

Such a special age

And such a special young man

Young enough to enjoy the simple things

In life

Old enough to know

The importance of living

For Christ.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:19 P.M PST

They Are the Hope

They are the hope

Our future

Shinning bright and


They are tomorrow

The dreams that shine


They are tomorrow

And the promise it holds.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:39 PM PST

I See Christ In A Child’s Eyes

I see Christ

In the innocence

Of a Child’s eyes.

In the embrace

Of a Child’s hug.

In the laughter

And the tears.

I see Christ

In the serious times

And silly times

When laughter

Is the name of the game.

I see Christ

In a Child’s eyes.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:29 P.M PST

For You I See

For Leliani

Image Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


For you I see

A world of limitless possibilties

As long as you reach for your dreams

And pray those prayers

Hang on to that childlike faith

And show them that you are

Beautiful Inwardly and outwardly

Don’t ever become consceated

But share that faith you have

With the light that shines


On the days

You do not feel like going

Push on and go anyway.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:00 P.M PST