My Mother: My Best Friend

I just got to thinking

About how blessed I am

To have the Mother I have

And the relationship in love

No everything is not always


But I must say

She is my number one fan

We spend alot of time together

Just her and I.

Mother and daughter

It is a blessing

Having her in my life.

I treasure each moment

And hold on to the memories

Feeling blessed by my Mother

My Best friend.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


We Made Memories

For Mimmi for the memories, and D and C as well, you all made me feel like family…

We made memories

On Summer days

Captured in photographs

And journal pages

Letters of thanks written

And that treasured picture

In front of your old blue car.

It was the little ways

We captured those memories

And made them treasures.

We made memories

That summer.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Carry Memories of Nonna

The picture of my Nonna Adelina (Ethel) Barbare Greco Verbeck was taken during her Senior year of high school in 1931-32…She was a beauty inside and out…

I carry memories of Nonna with me

Precious memories

Of that woman who as a child

Taught me what it was to pray on my knees.

Who sat me on her lap

And taught me to read

When I was only three.

She was the woman who encouraged me

To reach for my dreams

And to learn,

She and I were similar that way

Wanting to learn something new everyday.

Nonna my precious Italian- American Grandmother

Gave me so much more

A million memories

I will always carry with me

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


12:38 P.M PST

The New Shoes

A story from Nonna’s childhood, as a child myself I always use to ask Nonna to tell me a story from her childhood, this was the story that I remember to this day…

  Today four year old Ethel was excited, her and her Mamma were going to town to get a new pair of shoes.  Special church shoes that made a tap tap sound whenever she walked.  They were pretty, black and shiny.
They passed horses, carriages, and even a few motor cars as they walked.  It really was exciting.
As they walked home Ethel clutched her special shoes with one hand, and held tightly to her Mother with the other.
Soon they were home, where it was snug and warm, and Ethel was showing her new shoes to all of her brothers and sisters, nine in all.
A storm started brewing, then the thunder started booming.  Ethel ran under the bed in her Mom and Dad’s room.  Thunder scared her, and she hid under that bed clutching her black pat and leather shoes.

Soon her brother Freddy, nearly an adult found her under her parents room and gently asked her what she was doing.  She told him that she was hiding, and that she was going to run away to where it never thunder and lightned.  Freddy smiled gently at her, and then led her from under the bed, still clutching her black shoes.
She did leave home one day, for a place called California, where it did not thunder and lighten as often as it had in Providence, by then she had a child of her own, and in less than four years would have four children all together, including the oldest.
Ethel, or ( Nonna)  remained scared of thunder and lightening all of her life.


This Place I Called Home

This place

I called home

Where toddler feet

Walked barefoot

Without fear.

This placed

I called home

Where a kiss from Mom

And Nonna made the pain go away

This place

I called home

Where cousins gathered around

A wood stove

On chilly winter days.

This place I called home

Where Pasta simmered on the stove

Inviting us to enjoy.

This place I called home

Now a memory to carry with me

Wherever I go.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


12:13 P.M PST

Precious Person

For Sister Ruth

Photograph taken Sunday. March.18.07 . Living Waters Assembly of God In Jamestown…

It so touches me

When the Precious person

You are

Takes the time

To be with you.

It so touches me

When even in your own pain

You were able to reach out

To the Lord above.

I thank the Lord


For the precious person you


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:16 P.M PST

My Hearts Still Heavy

It’s been five weeks since I learned that Melissa went home to be with the Lord, some days I do better at excepting it than others, today my heart feels heavy with Grief…

My hearts still heavy

The pain is still there

The Lord has you in his arms

But I still hurt

Thinking of all the things

We are not going to get to share.

You were going to be in my wedding

I wanted you there when my first child

Was born

You were going to watch your

Precious Son grow

But though I would not wish

You back

In the pain you were in

It still hurts that you are gone

And I guess the grieving

Has only really just begun.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:03 P.M PST

The Rosary

~I come from a Strong Italian/German American Family, and I grew up knowing that you respected Nonna, you stood by family, and when things got bad, you got on your knees and prayed~

I can remember

Her wrinkled hands

Grasping that

Crystal Rosary,

Fingering the beads

Touching the cross

Reflecting on the Crucifix

As she knelt beside her

Bed for the evening prayers.

Sometimes I would

Watch from a crack in her door

(I think she did that on purpose)

As she recited her prayers

But never out of her lips

Did the words sound mechanical

She spoke the language of love

And tears.

Nonna my sweet Nonna

Who taught me to pray

Who sat me on her knee

As a little girl

And would sing

‘Amazing Grace

Or How Great Thou Art”

The same sweet Nonna

Who warmed us with

Warm Bowls of Pasta Fezel

A simple dish that we all devoured

During the cold months

The same Nonna who we

Sitting around the fire place

Would beg

“Tell us a story of your childhood

And we would listen intently.

I watch in sadness today

As so many of this generation

Do not respect the things

There grandparents say

And I remember Nonna’s sweet embrace

The nightime prayers

The memory verses

Even the Italian Quizzes on Friday.

“Honey please carry your past with you

And look to your Future

I believe in you

And God loves you

And always remember

“Dio Vida Eh Provideh”

“God see’s and provides.

And I would smile and say

“Yes Nonna he does.”

I have her Rosary’s now

The Crystal one

On my desk

A quiet reminder

Of Nonna and her prayers

And the way she believed in me.

As I study them I can almost smell

Rose Water Perfume

And Pasta Sauce Simmering

With Garlic

And the image of Nonna

In that bedroom with the

Rose Wall Paper

And Four Poster Bed

With the Vanity and Mirror

Where as little girls

Aretha and I would play dress up

With clip on earrings

And Pearls!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:39 P.M PST

Family Defined

I do not define family

In the traditional terms

Of common blood ties

And Marraige bonds

Family is the gift God gives us

In a good friend

Who will celebrate life

With you in the little and big ways.

Family the ones you can turn to

Near or far

When you are feeling lost

And alone.

Besides if we all look back

To the days of Noah and the flood

We all carry Family lines

Down the same tree.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:35 P.M PST

Can A Mother’s Love Be Captured

Picture Taken By Mikey Age 8

Jan.17.2009 Kids Klub

Can A Mother’s love

Be captured in words

In hugs and in kisses?

Can a Mother’s love

Be written down

And memoralized

Or is it beyond words?

Can a Mother’s love

Survive the hardest of times?

I believe it can.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

Sun Jan.18.2009

12:09 A.M PST