They Have Always Stood By Your Side

For Sister Ruth for being there during my greatest times of need, and the times in between. I could never express how much you mean to me…

There are people

That come into our life

And we do not even remember

The Moment we first met,

Because it seems

They have always been there

To share in our joys and sorrows.

It seems that they have always been

That shoulder to cry on

That ear to listen.

They are the people

That have always

Stood by your side

During your trials

And rejoiced with you

In your triumphs.

Copyright June.19.05

A Treasured Gift

Tucked away,

Carefully in the corners of my heart,

Is the treasured Gifts,

The one’s I know,

Can only be sent from God above,

The comfort of a friend,

When I am feeling blue,

( Melissa, Karen, Karla, Sarah,)

So many more,

If I named them all I would never,

Be through,

The family,

( Nonna, Mom, Sean )

This is especially for you,

The dreams I have watched come true ,

And the one’s that have died too…

In the corners of my heart,

Are all those gifts I treasure dear,

No amount of silver or gold,

Could by gifts so pure…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


My Precious Friend

For Sister Ruth…

My precious friend

You’re a welcome addition

A great source of inspiration.

You’re a giver

A precious treasure

A leader

A teacher

A mentor

So much more.

My precious friend

You’re a treasure

Sent from the Lord above.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



I come to you again Lord

Seeking for the answers

It’s been awhile since I have

Heard from my bestest friend

The sister of my heart,

To long and with her


I worry,

So Lord I pray

That you give me an answer

And pray that you give her a complete touch.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


12:02 A.M PST

Authors Note:

Please join me in praying for Mimmi her health is not good at all, she is on dialysis, and has been in and out of the hospital in the past couple of years, I worry about her when I do not hear from her and its been over a month since we’ve talked or I have received a letter from her.

We Made Memories

For Mimmi for the memories, and D and C as well, you all made me feel like family…

We made memories

On Summer days

Captured in photographs

And journal pages

Letters of thanks written

And that treasured picture

In front of your old blue car.

It was the little ways

We captured those memories

And made them treasures.

We made memories

That summer.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Friendship Such A Gift

Friendship such a gift

Words spoken

Nothing said.

A steading hand

When you feel as if

You are falling.

Friendship such a gift

Words spoken

Nothing said

A kind word

When you feel that

You are down and low

They know how to lift you up

With the kindness shared.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:46 P.M PST

When All is Said and Done

When all is said and done

And the words come

And the memories are captured

With film and ink.

Memories to share

With generations yet to come.

When all is said and done

I cherish the little things.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


It Takes A Strong One

For my bestest friend, who must have the strength of ten men to survive through all she has been through…I love you Bestest friend, Sister of my heart, you are a blessing, and an inspiration…

It takes a strong one

To go through the pain
And suffering

You’ve been through

And still be able

To smile through the pain.

It takes a strong one

To survive through

The things you have survived through

And still you carry on

Through pain that would take

Anyone else down.

It takes a strong one

To live through

What you have lived through.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


When A Friends In Need

For Karen Vidra and Karla Dorman

When a friends in need

The pain is real

And you find yourself

Feeling that you

Were the one

Hurting as well.

When a friends in need

It’s time to reach out

In prayer

Because Where

Two or more

Are gathered

In the midst of them

He will be.

So I ask for you

To stand and agree

For blessings to flow forth

For Karen and Karla.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


6:14 P.M PST

Friendships Built

For Sarah Tagert

Friendship built

Instant message conversations

Well into the night,

Letter shared


That welcomed but rare

Phone call.

Friendship built

The ties stretched

So far they

Could have broke

But all and all

Our friendship is strong.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell