Dancing with the Lord

You are missed Melissa, but we know where you are and find comfort in that fact…

You must be having fun

Dancing with the Lord

Running free

Of restrictions

That life brought you.

It must be wonderful

To be whole again

Amputated limbs

Made whole again

But we miss you

And it hurts to know

You are gone

Still I will rejoice

Knowing you are

Dancing with the Lord…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



3:53 P.M PST

Little Boy It’s Okay to Grieve

My bestest friend and the sister of my heart passed away on the ninth leaving behind her nine year old Son, and her husband, the boy’s Dad is not in the picture thank God, he was abusive…

Little boy

It’s okay to grieve

Never think it’s not

But you have the memories

They will help you in your grief.

I know how it must hurt

My grief multiplied by a thousand

But she loved you

She provided for you

And protected you.

Little boy

It’s okay to grieve

But remember she is

With the Lord now

And find comfort in your grief

In that knowledge.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:13 P.M PST

99 Ballons

Please if you are able watch the video to understand the poem..


99 ballons

Represent the life

Of a tiny baby boy

With a condition

That took life away

For one so young.

A Mother and Dad


But they could be angry

They could shake their fists at God

And ask why

But instead they learned

The gift of life.

A testimony so touching

From a tiny child who

Never uttered a word.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:10 P.M PST

Meet Me At Heaven’s Gates (In Memory of Sara Manning)

Meet me at Heaven’s Gates

An angel called in your sleep

I know your family is going to grieve

Your loved ones are going to miss you

But your pain is ending

God is calling your name

He is going to let you live this world peacefully

The suffering is gone

For you

And your family

Your friends will

Get through.

Meet me at Heaven’s gates

An angel called

In your sleep

And that night

You were welcomed into Heaven’s gates

Standing at Jesus’s feet.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:13 A.M PST

Knocking at Heaven’s Door (In Memory of Sara Manning)

Sometimes the pain is to great

And a soul utters an unspoken prayer

Knocking at Heaven’s door

Asking to be free.

Sometimes we just don’t see

The pain that someone goes through

Physical pain has a way of weakening our bodies

But strengthing our souls but

Sometimes our bodies are just to weak

We find ourselves calling out

In silence

Jesus I am ready

To go home.

I know my loved one’s are going to


But with the support of those

I have left behind and most

Importantly with you

I know Lord that somehow they

Get through.

And you call out

I miss you all

But I can’t wear this pain anymore.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:50 P.M PST

He Called Her Home

Exodus Tyson, Mike Tyson’s Four Year Old Daughter Died Today, after geting her head wrapped in a treadmill cord yesterday, her seven year old brother found her.  Please if you have a treadmill and small children be careful…

He called her home

An angel on loan

Four years old

Seems so young

And it seems omnious


That around this time

Last year

Another angel was called home.

Perhaps God is preparing a place for them

In the safety of his arms

While a world seemingly goes mad.

An angel called home

And a family grieves

An innocent life gone

But not forgotten.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:40 P.M PST

She Walked in Grace…She Walked in Faith

Written in memory of my Nonna August.14.1914-Novemember.07.2003

She walked in grace

She walked in faith.

She spoke in the quiet

Of a faith not only


But spoken.

She was a daughter of the King

A woman of love

A Mother, a Nonna

She was a child of God

Roman Catholic

But more than that

Her roots ran

In Christ’s Love.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:07 A.M PST

Laid to Rest

I wrote this in the memory of my friends Dad, I ran into said friend a few weeks back and she told me how much this poem touched her…

I wanted to write a poem for the fourth but Tommy Lane is a true American hero so I thought I’d write another in his.

Hundreds of people showed up to Tommy’s funeral Friday, including the Honor Guard he served fighting fires across this country for over thirty six years.  Funny stories, serious stories were told, but one was told of the way it bothered him when he went to help out during hurricane Katrina tagging bodies, but when a body remained after several days he went after the higher ups, demanding respect for these people.

Laid to rest

A hero’s farewell

A small man in stature,

But few with a heart as big as yours

And somehow God saw it fit

To bring me into the lives of this

Quiet hero

His wife and his daughters.

He would not call himself a hero

I really can’t see that

He had a job to do

A calling from the Lord above

Saving lives and protecting.

You and your family

Nourished me in those early days of

Faith and though life may take us in different directions

I knew I always had a friend in you guys.

You raised to daughters

Strong girls,

Strong in faith,

And had a beautiful wife

With such a loving heart

Now you are laid to rest

A hero’s farewell

Your battle is over

The journey is done

You are home!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:58 P.M PST

We Don’t Know

Image Mom and Marlo Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 2010

Where are you friend

We don’t know.

People looking for you

No answers yet.

Did things get to much

Did something darker happen?

Are you okay

Out there somewhere

Just trying to hide away?

Though this seems out of


A day or two we can see

But three weeks

No sightings

No calls

No answers?

Where are you?

We don’t know.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:10 A.M PST