When A Sparrow Falls


In this time of economic down turn, of recession and depression, we tend to forget that the Lord has not let us down, we tend to think that our troubles mean he has abandoned us, but he is not the one that abandons, it is we who abandon our faith, and loose sight of what really matters.

At Christmas time we tend to really focus on the finances, wondering how we are going to make it through the Holidays without ending up in a worse finacial situation, or ending up to our necks in credit card debt, but this year has reminded me of God’s Grace, and how so often it is the simplest of gifts that mean the most, a little project created by a childs hand, a card with a few extra dollars in it from your ninety one year old Great Aunt and Uncle, (My Nonna’s only living sister) a hug from a child, that is what the season is truly about.

When I hold my friends baby Autumeve, I am reminded of the promises we are given, and of the true meaning of the season. When I sit down and help the children with their homemade arts and crafts, and ornaments, I am reminded of what Christmas is truly about, the wonderful gifts of Christmas, and these gifts are the gifts that can not be bought with any amount of money.

Just like the Lord knows when a sparrow falls, the Lord knows when his Children are struggling, but even in the midst of the struggle we can find the joy in serving the Lord who loves us.

God Bless