It’s People Like You

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It’s people like you

Who have walked through the

Fire and held on to Faith

It’s people like you

Who have prayed

For others

Even when you needed prayer.

It’s people like you

Who have loved


Who has lived

What Christ told us to do

Love as I have loved.

It’s people like you

That makes you thank God

That there are those people we

Can look up to.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:55 A.M PST

The Wishing Well

The challenge that I found on another site I belong to was to start the poem with She tossed the coin into wishing well for all to see.  The picture is of Calvary Temple in Modesto, one I use to attend and the story is true with some poetic licenses taken…

She tossed the coin into wishing well for all to see.
Three year old sticky hands carrying the faith of a child
And Innocent dreams.

She wore her Sunday best
A little ruffled dress
And a childhish smile
As she laughed with glee
Watching the coins gleam
In the water.

She tossed the coin into the wishing well for all to see
And smiled at me as she said
I am sending my wishes to Heaven
For Jesus to see.

I smiled at her as she threw
More pennies in
Said she had a lot of dreams
To send.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

He Never Changes

Photography by Michelle R Kidwell 😀

For the one who never changes Christ my Savior…

Scriptural ReferenceHebrews 13:8

Our directions may change
The world may be turned upside down
And back again
But one thing we can count on
Is that Christ will
Always remain the same
He will always be the Savior
Whose blood washed away my sins
When I gave my heart to him
That April of 96
When I was a young girl
Barely past eighteen
On the verge of womanhood
And yet still a teen
It was my senior year
And the Lord drew me to him
I have changed and grown
Even sinned a time or two
But I can rest assured
Christ is the same
Yesterday, today
And forever.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
11:46 P.M PST

You Never Know

To the greatest encourager…Jesus…

You never know
What a smile can do
To a hurting stranger
So smile more often
It’s what Jesus would do.

You never know
What a chatty letter
Or a poem would do for a friend
So write one
The Lord will bless you
And you know Jesus would do it too.

You never know
What a kind word of encouragement
Can do for someone down
So speak it
And you will see people slowly

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
10:40 P.M PST

Little Hugs From Above

I have the kind of wealth even a bad economy can’t take the riches of God’s Love

As I sit here listening to Amy Grant, singing of the wonderful works of the Lord, I find myself reflecting on the many blessings in my life, and remembering those unexpected hugs. The first time I got off the Greyhound bus to stand face to face with my sister in the heart Melissa who has since been called home to the Lord, and I saw her precious little boy, I felt the hug from the Lord, even as I spent those last moments with Nonna, reading to the twenty third psalm I felt the gentleness of his hug, the first time I held Mikey, Ethan and Amber in my arms I felt those moments, and more recently with Autumeve. I remember so many answered prayers, even when Melissa was called home to the Lord at the age of thirty six, leaving her Son we could find peace in knowing that she was a believer, I can not count the times she told me that she could get through whatever came her way with the Lord. The first time I stood face to face with her was only months after she had faced having her leg amputated, and instead of being bitter about it, she was strong, and she used it draw her to the Lord!

Several years ago I got an unexpected hug from the Lord, and was blessed to meet Amy Grant and Vince Gill when they came to Sonora for a taping of there NBC show Three Wishes, it was a wonderful show, that sadly is not on air anymore, but that day I received one of my wishes, and that was to meet the singer whose CD and Tapes I had been wearing out for years. The Singer who helped me grow in faith, whose music so often played on my CD player.

I was honored to meet such a kind loving person, who so obviously had a heart for helping. It touched my heart to have the opportunity to meet her, to appreciate the fact that she was doing the Lord’s work.

I find that often some of the greatest hugs I get from God, come from his little children. When I go to church and Leliani nearly plows me down, saying, you know I just love to give you hugs! Then grabs the camera, when Ethan asks if he can come over and play with the puppies, when Mikey goes into Details of how they found the art on Mount Arafat, in two pieces, and I wonder to myself what happened to the baby that I used to hold in my arms. When Amber looks at me and says you know Auntie, sometimes I wish you were my Mom, because you teach me about Jesus, I feel that I have got the greatest hugs from the Lord, and I find myself smiling.



Amber, Auntie and Kianna

I love those little hugs from God, the unexpected email, finding out my novel is going to be published, hearing from a frined I haven’t heard from in awhile. Turning on a Amy Grant CD, when I have the kids over, and doing dances of praises, it all makes the dark times a little brighter, and it shows some of the greatest gifts you can’t buy no matter the state of economy.

God Bless

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


When I Say You’re My Friend

When I say

I am your friend

I say it

With love and ease.

When I say

I am your friend

I try to think about

What I can do for you

Not what you can do for me.

When I say

I am your friend

You become like family.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


The Sinless Son Of Man

He came to this earth
Purity and innocence
And for the thirty three years
He remained free of sins.

He came to this earth
Born of the Virgin Mary
Who had been impregnated
By the Holy Spirit,
The Son of God.

Jesus’es ministry
Did not start
Until he was thirty years,
For those three years
He fed the mulitude
Turned water into wine,
Walked on Water,
Raised a dead man
Saved the woman
From the mob.

Jesus came to this
To hang on Calvay’s cross,
Carrying the sins of all man kind
On us
And he descended
For three days
To Hell
Wrestling Satan
For the keys of life
And he would win.

Jesus came to earth
The sinless son of man.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
12:44 A.M PST

When All is Said and Done

When all is said and done

And the words come

And the memories are captured

With film and ink.

Memories to share

With generations yet to come.

When all is said and done

I cherish the little things.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


It Takes A Strong One

For my bestest friend, who must have the strength of ten men to survive through all she has been through…I love you Bestest friend, Sister of my heart, you are a blessing, and an inspiration…

It takes a strong one

To go through the pain
And suffering

You’ve been through

And still be able

To smile through the pain.

It takes a strong one

To survive through

The things you have survived through

And still you carry on

Through pain that would take

Anyone else down.

It takes a strong one

To live through

What you have lived through.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Not So Different

I am not so different than you

My legs may not work right

But that doesn’t mean

I don’t laugh, cry

Love, live.

I’m not so different than you

I may not talk the way you do

But that does not make me evil

Or full of hate

God teaches us to

Embrace our differences

Not hate them.

I am not so different than you

I may have a disability,

But it sure doesn’t have me.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell