I’ll Stand

I’m not out to be politically correct

I have things to say

That I will say

My faith is truly what carries me through

And I am not afraid to call out Jesus’s name.

I am going to share my faith

With the words I write

The love of Christ

Real and welcomed.

I do not see air

But I believe in it

So I will not fall for the

“I can not believe what

I do not see.”

Just look around

His hand evident

In the beauty of the land.

I’ll stand for what I believe

For Christ the one who died for me?

Who stands with me?

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:42 P.M PST

The Hurried Christian Syndrome

How often do we have excuses not to pray or to pray later? How often do we have excuses for one of a million different things that could draw us closer to the Lord?

What is it that makes us as Christians think we need to hurry though life and hurry through prayer like we are in a big hurry to get nowhere? What is more pressing than spending time with the Lord? What’s so important that we neglect our duties as Christians and we wonder sometimes why non-Christians look at us and wonder why we think we are so different, when in fact in some ways we are truly not setting a good example, when all we do is rush through this, and rush through that, we want hurried prayer, hurried church, and hurried fellowship, because we have something so much more pressing to get through but what is it that we are really trying to get accomplish.

Several years ago I heard of a drive thru church, where you actually put your prayer requests and they prayed with you through a drive thru window, and I could not help but think what is this world coming to when we as Christians do not have the time to actually talk to and pray with someone face to face not through a drive thru window, come on, do we really need to rush through our prayer life the way we rush through the ten items or less line at the grocery store?

I was thinking on this the other night when I was reading a devotional by Luci Swindoll where she talked about how we have things so much easier than the generations before us, and yet we have less time for the things that matter. We do not cherish family and friends the way others before us did, and the art of conversation has all but died out. We want what we want and we want it now, without realizing that what we want may actually be detrimental to us rather than beneficial and the good Lord really does want the best for us, not the world’s best, but his best, and his best is so much better than the worlds.

We have emails and instant messengers, but why is it we spend so much time just going from place to place instead of spending time with those we care about and more importantly spending time with the Lord? Why are we not putting our priorities with Christ? Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying all Christians are in a big hurry to go nowhere, but in this day and age so many are. We have let so many of the wonderful things of our past die out, letters are hardly ever written, phone calls are rushed, text messages just do not take the place of the dying art of conversation and we forget what it is it like to talk to someone face to face, we forget what it is like to truly witness to others through the life we live instead of just talking the talk without walking the walk.

How often do we have excuses not to pray or to pray later? How often do we have excuses for one of a million different things that could draw us closer to the Lord?

What if Jesus had said he couldn’t die on Calvary, and wash away our sins because he was too busy?

It doesn’t make sense does it? That is the way we are living life though isn’t it? We are living life we can’t take the time to appreciate what God has given us.

What is up with us wanting to conform to the worlds standards too? I mean we as Christians, we are so afraid to speak out against the things that matter to us as Christians, because we are so afraid of what others are going to say about us. I mean come on has it gotten to where the world we live in and the standards of this world have become so gray that we have forgotten to live for what Christ would have us to live for?

What if men like Martin Luther had never stepped out in faith, what if William Tyndale had never written the Bible because of fear of persecution? If everyone lived in fear the way many of us do, the gospel would not be getting spread, so shouldn’t we be making a greater effort?

I am not saying we are all called to preach, but we can all show Christ’s love in different ways, by living our lives as if Christ is what truly matters and isn’t he? If we truly give our hearts to Christ, that is where we are going to spend eternity, this world is only temporal and the truth is I am done conforming. I am going to work more on loving as Christ loved, that is not to say I expect everyone to be perfect, even we as Christians make mistakes, the flesh so often gets in the way, but when we truly give ourselves to Christ we are not some hopeless cause, we are bought by the blood of Christ, washed and made clean, so let’s start living our lives like Christ is what really matters. Let’s stop worrying about what the world thinks about us, and let us stop making excuses it is time for us to live for Christ and I mean truly live for Christ. I do not mean live our lives with one foot in the world and one toe in Christ, it just does not work that way. Christ himself said we are either hot or cold if we are lukewarm he will spit us out. I don’t know about you but when the day I face Christ comes I do not want him spitting me out, saying go away I never knew you. I want him to say well done, my faithful servant, and be welcomed into my Fathers loving arms, because that is truly what matters. In the end we are all going to be accountable, and we are going to have to face the hurried life we lead and Christ is going to wonder for those of us that did not take the time to be with him, why we even called ourselves Christians…


Michelle R Kidwell


10:15 A.M PST

Is It God’s Message…Or

Several years before Melissa died, she gave me a plaque, that I still have a love letter from God of sorts, and in the letter it talks about having time for everything but our relationship with the Lord.  I love that plague just as I love the Sister of My Heart that gave me, because it seems so fitting.

Why is it we tend to abandon the one that loves us, friends betray us, they hurt us inadvertently or not, they say things that tear us down.

I have friends that have the habit of saying “I don’t mean to be mean but…” And I know that what is said is going to be mean, its like putting a warning sign out there, and yet they still tell me, and for some reason I still listen, maybe it is because I feel they are friends, but there  words are often anything but friendly…

The Lord will tell you as it is, but he does not do so in the mean way that friends sometimes can, and yet instead of turning to the Lord we turn to friends…And he certainly doesnt say I don’t mean to be mean, but…and then preceed to kick you while you are feeling down!

I get really tired of being told to get over myself, but I am learning that when friends fail you, when you feel as if no one cares, the Lord is there reaching out his loving arms, saying the world may not love you, your friends may not care and the fact is your friends may not even think of you as a friend, but the Lord will always see you as his child.

I love as Christ loved and I feel I deserved to be loved back in that way, and pointing out a mistake is one thing, but being plain mean about it is quite another and Christ would not do that, so why should others?

Maybe that is why I truly liked the plaque so much, because it reminded me so much of the fact that Jesus loves us when the world ceases to, when our “friends” and loved ones hurt us Christ is the one that is truly there…

In Christs Love


I’ve Walked this Road Before

I’ve walked this road before

My very faith shaken

Believing yet not living that belief

Praying, yet feeling empty.

But something always awakens

God’s grace in me

And as I search deeper and stronger

I find the Lord

Strong and hopeful.

Living as Jesus lived.

Loving as Jesus Loved.

I am not perfect

I am a mere human

But when I reach up

And out I find that place

In His grace once more.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


8:47 P.M PST

Let’s Be Honest: Insecurity

Let’s Be Honest: Insecurity

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let’s be honest with ourselves, and I mean truly honest.
We’ve all been at a place where we have felt insecure right?
Insecurity may cause more problem to some that others, but my guess is at one time or another we have all had problems with our security.
I know I have, and many I call friends have. Even the greatest, and most beautiful have, if we look at the lives of even the most beautiful, the most popular we can see insecurity.
Actresses and actors hooked on drugs, famous people committing suicide.
Insecurity has become a real problem. And if we don’t address the problem it is going to continue to destroy lives literally.
There is hope though, hope in Christ.
In her book so Long Insecurity Beth Moore says this:
God knows we are insecure but we do not need to be. And He will not leave well enough alone. He has enough security for those of us who call Christ Savior. He slipped his own secure spirit within our simple jars of clay.” Beth Moore So Long Insecurity Pg 143

We in this generation have perhaps more that can cause us to be insecure than the generations before us. We are inundated by media images, of what perfect is, we are constantly told we are to fat, to thin, or to whatever, to tall, to short, our hair is not the right color, we aren’t wearing the right brand of shoes, we don’t have the newest electronic gadget, but in no way should those be the things that feed our insecurity, yet they do.
When we embrace Christ though, when Christ is our Savior that is the place where we can truly find our security.
Now’s the time to be honest, what has made you insecure and how has your relationship with the Lord changed that insecure feeling that once swallowed you whole?
Michelle R Kidwell