99 Ballons

Please if you are able watch the video to understand the poem..


99 ballons

Represent the life

Of a tiny baby boy

With a condition

That took life away

For one so young.

A Mother and Dad


But they could be angry

They could shake their fists at God

And ask why

But instead they learned

The gift of life.

A testimony so touching

From a tiny child who

Never uttered a word.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:10 P.M PST

Sometimes Friendships Fade

I feel like

We are distant

A million miles away

I understand friendship

Can be ever changing

And it is no surprise

When some people drift away

Really it’s nobody’s fault

We are ever changing

But it doesn’t change

The way we feel

When the Friendships fade.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


6:30 P.M PST

What Kind of Monster

little Shaniya Davis was found murdered after her Mother sold her into Prostitution, what kind of Monster would do this???

Shaniya Davis – The body of Shaniya Davis was found dead yesterday. Shaniya Davis autopsy is being processed in Orange County by the North Carolina Office of the Medical Examiner. Authorities hope that there will be significant evidence revealed from the autopsy that will reveal the identity of her killer and seal the case.

Shaniya Davis was found dead Monday, nearly a week after mother Antoinette Davis reported her missing. Meanwhile, the father of a 5-year-old Shaniya Davis regrets giving the girl’s mother a chance to raise their daughter. Bradley Lockhart, never thought that a month later, her daughter Shaniya Davis will be found dead and her body will be dumped off on a rural road… and worse her own mother is the alleged suspect.

Antoinette Davis is charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse, allegedly for selling Shaniya into sex slavery.

And police also charged Mario McNeill with kidnapping after he was captured on a hotel’s surveillance video carrying Shaniya. McNeill’s lawyer has said his client will plead not guilty.

Shaniya Davis is five years old! I am totally torn up about this… I have two beautiful daughters and I couldn’t imagine things like this happening to either one of them. Honestly, I don’t believe in death penalty but after reading the news saying 5-year-old Shaniya Davis body was found about 100 feet off a wooded road southeast of Sanford, in central North Carolina, I guess those responsible for Shaniya’s death deserved it.

What kind of monster

Takes a life

And sales it

A child her own child

A little girl

Cute as can be

Lets it escape into the hands

Of a murder

Lets a childs blood

Fall on her own hands

While a loving Father

Is left to grieve.

And question

And wonder

What kind of monster???

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:58 P.M PST

It Shouldn’t Hurt to be A Child (In Memory of Kelsey Brigg’s)

I did not know this little girl, but her story needs to be told, we need to bring awareness.  This little girl was killed by her step father, two weeks before her birth father was due to come home from Iraq..

Little girls should

Not have to go

Through what you went

Through a life

Cut to short

Violence overtaken

Childhood should never hurt

Only two short years

On this earth


Of one man’s anger.

A Father should not have

To come home

From war

Only to face the worst

Hell imaginable

Burying his baby girl.

Childhood should not hurt

The way it did for you.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:06 P.M PST

In Memory of Kelsey Briggs


No More Death, No More Sorrow

No more death

No more sorrow

What a promise

The Lord has given

Us for tomorrow.

You are gone now

To much death

To much pain

But life is not without its looses

And somehow you move on

With the comfort of a friend

With the gentle whisper

Of a prayer

Somehow you move on.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:46 P.M PST

Meet Me At Heaven’s Gates (In Memory of Sara Manning)

Meet me at Heaven’s Gates

An angel called in your sleep

I know your family is going to grieve

Your loved ones are going to miss you

But your pain is ending

God is calling your name

He is going to let you live this world peacefully

The suffering is gone

For you

And your family

Your friends will

Get through.

Meet me at Heaven’s gates

An angel called

In your sleep

And that night

You were welcomed into Heaven’s gates

Standing at Jesus’s feet.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:13 A.M PST

Knocking at Heaven’s Door (In Memory of Sara Manning)

Sometimes the pain is to great

And a soul utters an unspoken prayer

Knocking at Heaven’s door

Asking to be free.

Sometimes we just don’t see

The pain that someone goes through

Physical pain has a way of weakening our bodies

But strengthing our souls but

Sometimes our bodies are just to weak

We find ourselves calling out

In silence

Jesus I am ready

To go home.

I know my loved one’s are going to


But with the support of those

I have left behind and most

Importantly with you

I know Lord that somehow they

Get through.

And you call out

I miss you all

But I can’t wear this pain anymore.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:50 P.M PST

Game Over

My hearts not a toy

To be played with

And put away when your


And honey

Your not a little boy


So time to get over

This game.

I am not going to

Have my heartbroken

Because you

Don’t know what you want

I guess we were meant to be

But boy you were sure chicken

The way you told


And the lame excuses

They just dont fly.

I’m done playing

Game over.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:21 P.M PST

Heaven Gained An Angel

Heaven gained another angel
One who always dreamed of flying
The first American Woman in Space
Fought a battle time and space could
Not win
The evil monster Cancer
Took another victim
On this sad day
But as we grieve
Heaven gains an angel.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

I Won’t Stand For It Anymore I Have Closed that Door

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough…

I won’t stand for it anymore

I have closed that door.

I am done with the name calling

The childish games you play

And you tell me I am the one that’s childish

While you make fun of the fact I use a cane

Or dis my clothes

What I do.

Well honey last time I checked

You are not all that

And I am through with

These childish games

And yet I am the one you say

Needs to grow up

While you go around

Spreading rumors and lies

And telling everyone its the truth.

Well those who know me

Know me well

And those games really

Aren’t all that swell.

I hate to tell you this but your

The one acting childish

Having a fit every time someone calls you


Expecting everyone to cater to you

But God forbid someone should

Expect something in return for that friendship.

I have closed that door

I am through

And truth be told

I am relieved

That this weight is off my shoulders,

And remember it was you who

Pulled the things you pulled so before

You even thinking of coming back

You better think of the things you said

Because I am so through.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:53 P.M PST