Tomorrow Stands Before Us

Tomorrow stands before us

Today will be a page

In our history book.

Tomorrow stands before

Us in the face of our children

It’s our job

To shape them

To help them see the

Importance of living for the Lord.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:40 P.M PST

What Are the Lessons They Teach Us

Image of Hope Center Kids Easter Egg Hunt April.24.2011…The Christ bunny showed up and spoiled these little ones and the teachers too!!!!
What are the lessons

They teach us

Because in truth

Children do teach us

They teach us to love

As Christ loved.

To accept

To believe to dream

They show us the importance

Of guiding them

To Christ

In all things

And give us that

Love without conditions.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


This is the Reason, These Are the Faces

The image was taken by six year old Caleb who is legally blind..He is one of my┬ánewest students, and he doesn’t let much slow him down…

This is the reason

I do what I do

These are the faces

Of a few who call me

Miss Michelle

There friend.

These are the children

Who bless me

In ways that are unimaginable.

This is the reason

I do what i do

Teaching them about Jesus

Spreading his love

Feeding them body

And soul.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1;30 A.M

What Kind of Leaders are We

What kind of leaders are we

Do we lead by example

Showing them the joys

Of living for the Lord

Not only in words

But in our actions as well?

What kind of leaders are we?

Do we worship as a child worships

Without reservation

In joy that comes from above?

Do we believe as a child


In the beauty that surrounds his love?

What kind of leaders are we?

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:58 P.M PST