In The Rubble

The earth shook

Japan knocking it to its collective knees

Building collapsed under the weight

Of Tsunami’s

And the threat of nuclear holocaust

Tens of thousands dead

Burried under the rubble

Or drowned in the sea

But in the mids of the tragedy

A miracle

The image of a baby girl reunited

With her Father

Surviving under the Rubble!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:16 P.M PST

In Some Not So Far Away Land

Written After the Earthquake in Japan

In some not so far away Land

The Earth Shook

Knocking a nation to

It’s knees

Taking lives

By the the tens of thousand.

Destruction everwhere

Signs of hope

In the rubble and ashes.

Billions and Billions of dollars in


But you can’t put a price

On Lives and loves lost

Under the wait of buildings

Or wiped out to sea

By Tsunami’s.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:42 P.M PST

In Our Backyards

They are fighting a new war

Not on some foreign shore

But in our own backyard

In Joplin and Tuscalosa and

So many places

Hit by this enemy

Stronger than an arsenal of guns


Two hundred a mile hour winds

Can destroy

Lives, building

Anything in its path

And now the heros

Begin to emerge

Heros who risked their lives

Saving and protecting others.

Happy Memorial day we utter

But lets remember those who

Are fighting this war

In Our backyards.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:24 A.M PST