The Potters Hand

Like a lump,

Of clay,

you formed me,

made something beautiful,

Out of something so simple,

Created me,

With the care and precission,

Of a potters hand.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Quick Serve Society

Thinking back to my limited time in Sociology this came back to me…

We are a sciety

Of quick conveniences

Fast food in under a minute

Fast cars,

Fast things

Instant Coffee

Instant potatoes

Instant satisfaction

With little appreciation.

We have become

A Quick Serve Society

The faster the better.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Today We Said Goodbye

Today we said goodbye,

To one we love,

She was our strongarm,

When times were tough,

The one who had a way,

Of drawing us together,

When we felt a million miles apart,

Now our strongarm,

Has gone to rest in

Heaven’s Arms…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


We are going to miss you Nonna… Goodbye….

They Have Always Stood By Your Side

For Sister Ruth for being there during my greatest times of need, and the times in between. I could never express how much you mean to me…

There are people

That come into our life

And we do not even remember

The Moment we first met,

Because it seems

They have always been there

To share in our joys and sorrows.

It seems that they have always been

That shoulder to cry on

That ear to listen.

They are the people

That have always

Stood by your side

During your trials

And rejoiced with you

In your triumphs.

Copyright June.19.05

Passion Fire

I’ve got this passion,

This burning desire,

To sit here and dream

( Of you ),

As I walk through the fire,

And the music plays.

I will dream of you,

My burning desire,

Will light the fire,

Burning deep within,

And I will wonder,

As each day passes,

If you are the reason,

For this passion fire.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Give Me A Voice

I am the child,

Unable to speak,

I can not hear,

My world is silence,

Give me a voice.

I am the child,

Who lags behind,

The one who can’t

Join in all the childhood play,

Because I am the child,

Who wears braces,

Uses Crutches,

I have Cerebral Palsy,

Give me a voice.

I am the child,

Who can not learn right,

Schools a struggle,

I am frustrated,

Give me a voice.

I am the child,

Who can not see,

My world is void of light,

I know only darkness,

Give me a voice.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


We Had To Say Goodbye

It was hard,

As we sat there,

On thursday,

Watching her die,

The end came at 12;09,

Friday Morning,

As all the differences,

And family fights were dropped,

And we gathered around,

Her bedside,

Holding hands,

And saying goodbye,

The tears were endless,

And they still are…

In memory of Ethel B Verbeck

( Nonna )

August 29.1914-Nov.7.2003

We miss you Nonna:(

I Am No More…And No Less

I am no more,

And no less,

Than what God,

Created me to be.

I am a child,

Made with creator God’s hand.

I may not walk the same as you,

Or talk the same as you,

I may not learn the same as you,

Or think the same as you,

But I am still a Child of God,

No more, no less.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell