The World Went Crazy That Septemeber Day

Many other heros rose from those ashes!!!

Like the shot

That was heard around

The world

That long ago day

The towers falling

Was heard around the world

As we watched images and people

Perishing in disbelief

Wondering if someone in those

Towers was somehow related to us

Death tolls rose

And hope faltered

But a hero

Rose from the ashes

Risking his very life

A priest

Who died

In the ashes and soot

Of those towers

Because he had a call from God

To reach out to the lost and dying.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:04 P.M PST

America Forever Changed

America forever changed

That not so long ago day

As planes flew into towers

And brave men and women

Died in that Pennyslvania field

So others did not have.

America forever changed

As the Pentagon came under attack

And the world collectively

Begun to wonder

If we were looking at the

Begining of Armagedon.

America forever changed

But sadly not all

For the better!

Copright Michelle R Kidwell


3:50 A.M PSt

Like the Generation Before Us

Like the generation before us

Remembers where they were

During the time of Kennedys Assasination

Of Martin Luther King Juniors Murder

We will remember

Where we were the moment

Those towers fell

And how we wondered

How 102 story buildings can fall

Like a house of dominoes

Taking so many lives with them

We remember the feeling

Of disbelief as America

Was attacked

By an enemy

Hijacking planes

And we realized

Just how fragile

Our safety was

We lost so many that day!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell