We Cried

We cried

As those towers fell

And our freedom

Was shaken to it’s core.

We prayed

As the dreams

Of thousands

Crashed down.

Men filled with hate

tried to tare

The American spirit down

But they could not

Tare it down.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

July 4 2004

freedom has not come without a price


Karla your latest Remembering Only to Forget inspired this one…

We remember that date

The way we remember

The birth of a child

Or the death of one we care about

And in many ways

It was death

Death of the way

This nation was

Death of a land

That was supposed to be

Free of terrorism.

We mark that day

With sorrow

And yet we mark it with love

It is a day

Many learned to love

And learned to live together

In that love.

It is a day

When One Nation Under God

Meant something

And it is a day

Marked with loss

And sorrow

And marked with

The blood of our heros.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:19 P.M PST

Do I Raise My Hand and Salute

When the towers fell, a beam came down, in the shape of the cross, and many who were at Ground Zero, looked at that as a sign of Hope, I believe it is just that, in our darkest moments we often turn to God and find what we have been missing…

Do I raise my hand

And salute

For all those heros

Who shed the blood

For me?

Do I kneel

And pray

Thanking God for

Love and Victory?

Do I look

At the faith

Of My forefathers

Who found this wonderful


On the very foundation

Of Christ

And do I cry

Because of the way

We have taken Christ

Out of everything?

Do I look to my flag

With pride?
Yet find myself confused

At the way things have

Come to be?

Do I pray

That once again

America gets

On its collective knees

And finds revival

In their hearts.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:30 P.M PST

The World Went Crazy That Septemeber Day

Many other heros rose from those ashes!!!

Like the shot

That was heard around

The world

That long ago day

The towers falling

Was heard around the world

As we watched images and people

Perishing in disbelief

Wondering if someone in those

Towers was somehow related to us

Death tolls rose

And hope faltered

But a hero

Rose from the ashes

Risking his very life

A priest

Who died

In the ashes and soot

Of those towers

Because he had a call from God

To reach out to the lost and dying.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:04 P.M PST

America Forever Changed

America forever changed

That not so long ago day

As planes flew into towers

And brave men and women

Died in that Pennyslvania field

So others did not have.

America forever changed

As the Pentagon came under attack

And the world collectively

Begun to wonder

If we were looking at the

Begining of Armagedon.

America forever changed

But sadly not all

For the better!

Copright Michelle R Kidwell


3:50 A.M PSt

Like the Generation Before Us

Like the generation before us

Remembers where they were

During the time of Kennedys Assasination

Of Martin Luther King Juniors Murder

We will remember

Where we were the moment

Those towers fell

And how we wondered

How 102 story buildings can fall

Like a house of dominoes

Taking so many lives with them

We remember the feeling

Of disbelief as America

Was attacked

By an enemy

Hijacking planes

And we realized

Just how fragile

Our safety was

We lost so many that day!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago

Our world changed

And images forever burned into our

Mind memories that darkened our days.

Like the generation before us

Remembered where they were

When Kennedy was assainated

When Martin Luther King Junior was killed

We remember where we were

When those towers came down.

Evil tried to take innocence

From us that day.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:10 P.M PST

I Can’t Forget…I Won’t Forget

I can’t forget

I won’t forget

Those horrific images

On that September day.

Ten years ago

Nearly to the day.

I can’t forget

The cries of the Mothers, Fathers

Sisters, Brothers

Aunts, Uncles

Cousins and Friends

Who watched loved ones murdered

By sheer hatred.

In New York a hundred and ten story buidlings came

Crushing down like a house of cards.

In Pennyslvania herosim was found

By those who risk their own lives

By crashing that plane into a Pensylvania field

And in Arlington Virgina as

The Pentagon became a target.

But amongst the hatred

We saw the signs of love

People gathering praying

For people they never met

A few made it out of all that rubble

Against all odds.

I can’t forget…

I won’t forget

The images of that September day.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


6:09 P.M PST

Etched in Our Memories

Written for the ten anniversary of 9/11

Ten years ago

Images etched in our memories

Forever images of horror

Not on some movie screen

But on American shores,

New York,


Washington DC

Hit to the very core

By a hatred so deep

It stole innocence

From us in a very real way

But amongst the rubble

Amongst the deaths

And sorrow

We saw God’s hand

Etched in all the lives saved

A man risking his life

To help the disabled out

Father Mychael risking his life

And ultimately sacrificing it

To minisiter to the souls of those dying

Under the crushing wait of a hundred and ten

Stories of rubble.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:39 P.M PST

Amidst the Rubble Hope

Like so many others

I will never forget

That dark September day

When innocence was stolen

From the American way.

Innocent lives taken by

The thousands

Unlike anything we had

Ever seen on the American shores

Something bigger than even Pearl Harbor

In the generations before.

But amidst the rubble hope

Came shinning through.

And still the dark images

Haunt us

Reminding us

Terrorism can strike

The American Shores.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:53 A.M PST