Evidence of Things Hoped For

You are

The evidence

Of everything I hoped for

The creator

Of all my dreams

You are the sculpture

Of all the beauty

That surrounds me

The Savior of

My Soul

You are the


Of everything I hoped for

And all that I dream…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


The Potters Hand

Like a lump,

Of clay,

you formed me,

made something beautiful,

Out of something so simple,

Created me,

With the care and precission,

Of a potters hand.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Am No More…And No Less

I am no more,

And no less,

Than what God,

Created me to be.

I am a child,

Made with creator God’s hand.

I may not walk the same as you,

Or talk the same as you,

I may not learn the same as you,

Or think the same as you,

But I am still a Child of God,

No more, no less.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


You Gave

You gave

David the courage

To face Goliath

And kill him with merely

A sling shot and stone.

You gave Moses the Ten Commandements

On Mount Sinai

Chiseled In Stone.

You gave Noah the

Ark and a Salvation from

All the rains.

You gave Mary

A Child

A son to be born

While she was still a


You gave Naomi

A faitful daughter in law

In Ruth

Refusing to leave

This Mother to her grief.

You gave me

The sacrifice

of A Son on the cross


For my sins

Dying for my transgressions

So I may be

Free from the bondage

Sin puts on me.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:50 A.M







Just something I was playing with in Church today….

Michelle R Kidwell


Created by the Potters Hand

Again I find myself inspired by David’s Laments to the Lord in Psalms…

O Lord

I am your child

Born of your blood

Shed for me on Calvary

You set me free.

O Lord

I am your creation

Created in love

By the Potters hand.

O Lord

You are the gift giver

The one who gave me breath.

O Lord

You are my creator

I thank thee!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Asked Jesus

I asked Jesus

To lead me

And he lead me

Down the path of


Showing me that

His loving care

Has always been there

And I took his arm

And walked on

In my Saviours arms.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell




10:07 P.M PST

Signs of the Times

To Our Lord And Savior I believe the Time is drawing Nigh

In the words of the Lord
In our blessed Holy book
The Bible
We hear that in the end days
There will be wars and rumors of wars
We here of conflict amoungst God’s chosen Land
And now we are facing the reality
With the Conflict in Israeal and Lebanon
I believe it is time we start thinking and speaking
And getting right with the Lord
Because we do not know the hour
Or the day
But I believe the time draws nigh.
We are seeing wars
Famines and earthquakes
Evil Rulers
Control countries
And now I say lets get ready
Let’s be prepared
Because the signs of the times
Point out that the hour is near.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
11:12 P.M PST

Author’s Comments:
“There will be wars and rumors of wars, and now we are facing that with the crisis in the middle east, with the fight in Lebanon and Israel, and it’s time we get right with the Lord if we aren’t already there…”