What Lies In Your Pen

What lies in your pen

Words that lift up

Or words that tear down?

Words that heal or

Words that hurt?

When someone is down

Do you encourage them

Or knock them down more

Are you words

Reflecting the heart

And soul of a true


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:20 P.M PST

What Do My Words Carry

What do my words carry?

Do they carry something powerful

Strong like the wind

But invisible

Do they speak of faith

Of love?

Are my words

Falling on deaf ears

Silent like the reviews

On the board?

But for me I do not write

For recognition

It’s necessary

Like breathe

Like air!

What do my words


Do they carry







All of the above

I hope?

What do my words


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:35 P.M PST

It’s Not About

Image of me done by  Sweet Melodies Photography. 2011

It’s not about me

Or even you

But about the one

Who gave me the words

That see me through.

It’s not about empty faith or

Empty promises

But about prayers

Spoken in love.

It’s not about dreams

Or broken memories

But about the love

Of the one who died for us.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago

Our world changed

And images forever burned into our

Mind memories that darkened our days.

Like the generation before us

Remembered where they were

When Kennedy was assainated

When Martin Luther King Junior was killed

We remember where we were

When those towers came down.

Evil tried to take innocence

From us that day.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:10 P.M PST

It’s Not Your Place to Judge Me

It’s not your place to judge me

For my limitations…The things

You think I can not do.

It’s not your place to look at me

And say you can’t do this…

I may have my limitations

But being judgmental is more

Of a limitation than any “Label”

You could tag me with…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Childhood’s Gift

Image and poem Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 2012

It was a gift

A child’s gift

A single rose

To tell Mommy he loved her.

It was a gift

A precious gift

Something that money could

Not buy

It spoke simply of

Childhood’s innocence.

It was a gift

A Child’s gift

To the Mother he loved.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:07 P.M PST

It’s Not Shadows

Image Copyright SMPhotograpy 2011

It’s more than shadows

That carry me through

Not some empty shadowed faith

Of some empty idols

Its the faith that allows me to do

What I do

Faith in the man that

Died for me on that cross

On Calvary

The man that gave me

The words I write

And the words I pray.

It’s not shadows

But a faith in something

True and real.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:14 P.M PST

What Does it Take

What does it take

For our words to be heard

For our passion to be felt?

How many poems do we have to write

That fall on deaf ears

Before we question

Our gifts our abilities?

How many stories

Do we have to tell?

We write because we have something to say

A song to sing

A story to tell

A message to get out

One we pray does not fall on

Deaf ears,

But like everyone we get frustrated

We question our abilities

Our worth.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:36 A.M PST