A Gift More Precious

It is a rare treasure, 
A friend like you, 
A gift more precious, 
Than the finest jewel, 
A gift more precious, 
Cannot be found, 
Than the friend, the mentor, 
I found in you. 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 

Written For Sister Ruth for being such an important part of my life…

Book Review: A Miracle of Five Minutes

A Miracle of Five Minutes

by Abingdon

Abingdon Press

Abingdon Press

Biographies & MemoirsChristian

Pub Date May 19, 2015 

Bishop Kim Sundo was born in Suncheon County-North Pyung -Ann County.  Bishop Kim grew up with Devout Christian parents who embraced there Christianity.

In 1948 Kim Sundo entered Shiniuji medical school and in 1954 he went to the Methodist Theological University.  In the midst of all of this the Korean War on June.25.1950.  Amidst the horrors of the Korean War on January.04.1951 Kim Sundo was reborn in Christ.  A Few years later he marries.

This book Chronicles Kim Sundo’s Faith as well as his career.  He came to faith at a time when his country was at war and violence and death were rampant and he held srong in that faith.

If you are looking for a good inspirational biography then I reccomend Kim Sundo’s Miracle of Five Minutes.

Happy Reading…

Chilhood Discoveries

Three year 

Old fingers



( Including the computer

How does a three year old

know what to do?)

Three year old


Hearing new songs.

Three year old



(C) Michelle R Kidwell


Writer Stalling

Don’t disturb me,

I’m working here,

Wait I need that sixth cup of juice,

And that Cupcake has my name written all over it,

There’s the bird,

He needs to be fed again,

Eventhough his dish is already full,

And the puppy needs attention,

And don’t forget,

That movie on T.V.

You know the one,

I’ve watched fifteen times before,

Ahh now I can work,

But that blank paper,

Keeps staring at me…


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

All rights reserved

Book Review: Taken


by Henderson, Dee

Bethany House

Bethany House Publishers

ChristianMystery & Thrillers


Matthew Dane is a retired cop turned Private Investigator as well as a Father to a college aged daughter.  His wife died young.  His daughter Becky had been resced from a kidnapper when she was sixteen and for a long time afterwords she was shy, angry even suicidal.  A Young woman comes up to him at a convention telling him that she was a missing girl named Shannon Bliss who went missing a long with her car at the age of sixteen and now she wants to go home.  She assures them that she is the missing girl and that she did not run away from home, after running her fingerprints Matthew is assured she is who she says she is.

Matthew Dane is giveb Shannon’s diary to read in which she wrote during her years of capacity. Reading this journal he gets to know Shannon better and understand more of the Hell she endured in her years of capacity. And he soon develops a deepening friendship for her, and encourages her to allow herself to heal. 

I have been a Dee Henderson fan for years and she has not dissapointed me in Taken.  So if you are a fan of Inspirational Fiction that has both Intrigue as well as Romance then you are in for a treat when you read taken.

Five out of five stars for a wonderful book.

Happy Reading Friends….

Reach Out to Me

My friend, 

If ever the hour should be late, 

And you need to reach out, 

For that friend, 

Who will listen to you, 

When you are feeling, 

Depressed and blue, 

When you need someone, 

To pray for you, 

Because the words aren’t there, 

Or the pain is still to new, 

Call on me, 

I will listen as you talk, 

And pray for you. 

My friend, 

If you ever need, 

To reach out to me, 

Know that I am always, 

As near as your heart. 

(C) Michelle R Kidwell 
Written for Melissa my Sister at heart, and Bestest Friend…

You’ve Got A Friend InMe

Sometimes the Lord blesses you with that friend you just feel was meant to be your Sister… This poem is writeen for and about the Sister of my heart… 

Miles may seperate us, 
States apart we may be, 
But this friendship, 
Was built on a foundation of our Faith, 
And though this friendship, 
First was built, 
With the help of modern technology, 
Now through phone calls, 
Letters, Instant message conversations, 
And the visit I made last Summer, 
To go and see you, 
This friendship grows, 
And I want you to remember, 
That though miles may seperate us, 
You’ve got a friend in me. 

(c) Michelle R Kidwell 
For Melissa the Sister of my Heart

Book Review: Justified


A Novel

by Varina Denman

David C Cook

A Young  Mother in a small town struggles to provide both a home and stability for her infant Son.  She soon finds out the man she is with is a mean drunk but she wants to provide a two parent home for her Son.  Tyler’s drinking is soon out of control and Fawn finds herself entertained with thoughts of a man named JohnScott.  Even as Fawn tries to get away from Tyler he is obsessing watching her through binoculars.  After Fawn gives birth to there Son Tyler goes to greater extremes taking there son and nearly killing himself and the baby.

I give Justified Five out of five stars…

Happy Reading

David C. Cook

ChristianWomen’s Fiction

Pub Date Jun 1, 2015

With Childhood Innocence

We discovered the world, 
With muddy faces, 
And popsicle stained clothing. 

We believed in fairies, 
Santa Claus, 
And things unseen. 

We pretended that dolls, 
Were children, 
And Gi Joe’s, 
Great warriors, 
Defending evil. 

We knew that, 
God created all, 
And with childhood innocence, 
We didn’t understand, 
How anyone could not believe. 

(c) Michelle R Kidwell 

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said: ” Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kigdom of heaven belongs to such as these. ” NIV

I Don’t Remember

I don’t remember, 
Exactly when I learned to say 
But I know I did. 
I don’t remember, 
The moment I learned to cry, 
But I know I did. 
I do remember lessons taught, 
Through friends and family, 
Learning compassion and care, 
For those we love, 
And trying to learn about, 
Even towards those we don’t, 
I don’t remember, 
when I first realized, 
Everything in life, 
Doesn’t always seem fiar, 
But I know I learned, 
But I also learned to care. 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell