I Come Before Your Lord

Please join me in praying for Karen Vidra who needs the Lord’s healing touch and for Karla Dorman who is doing everything she can…

Dear Lord

I come before you

Asking you lay your hand

On my dear friend

Whose not doing so well

God we miss our friend

Her words that inspire

That create

Her gift,

Her faith

And Lord we know

She is in your hands

We ask for her healing Lord

For her to get home

And get well

For the medicines to do

What they are supposed to do.

Thank you Lord

For the gift

Of the friends you

Have placed in our lives

And for your healing hands

Lord please heal her.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

12:47 A.M PST



Wrote this for a friends then three year old Son who was fighting Neuroblastoma and at nearly eight still is

At three years old

You began this battle

Not one you asked to fight


A scary condition

A scary fight

One you fight

With the bravery

Of a warrior

Your Mommy and Daddy

Your big brother

So many your allies

But Jesus

He’s the one that sees you


And in my eyes

That makes you

A Hero

In the true st sense of the word

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:16 P.M PST

To That Healing Place

I wrote this for my friends Son who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and still battles it to this day…

I can’t phathom the pain you must feel

How weak at times you seem

When all you want to do is wipe

Away your little boys pain

But knowing somehow you can’t

Still you find your strengh in prayer

And your faith carries you

Far to that place

Of complete healing.

Your little boy

Is going to be

Completely well

I believe that

As surely as I believe

In the air I breathe

And the Lord I serve.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


12:08 A.M PST

Is This Your Way Lord

Is this your way Lord

Of showing me

That you have changed

My direction

Things are changing

In ways I do not understand

I feel out of loop

In a ministry I used to love.

I feel lost and confused

My very authority being questioned

In ways I do not understand.

Feel under respected but its never

Really been about respect

It’s been about the kids

But Lord when things change

In ways I do not understand

When everything I have done

Gets thrown out the window

I start to question.

Lord is this your plan for me?

Or your way of leading me somewhere else?

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


8:32 P.M PST

This is Tomorrow

This is tomorrow

What is it we are giving them

Teaching them?

Is it love

Or do our words speak of hate?

Are we teaching them

To love as Christ loved

Or is it something different

We are laying before them?

I can not help but pray

That our role is a postive one

That we will teach them as we live

And live in a postive way

Because these children

Are tomorrow

And this is where our

Future stands

It’s in God’s hand

But we haveĀ  a hand to

In living life

The way we do.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:02 P.M PST