They Underestimated You

They whispered

About all the things

You might not be able to do

Or be a little slow at doing

But we believed in you from the


We grew tired

Of all the negatives

When from the start

We could see that

Beautiful soul shinining through.

God created you


At times you were almost

Like Auntie’s little

Mini me,

But now you are nearly

Grown sixteen

With a car of your own

And a million dreams

You want to be a lawyer


And I have no doubt

You will suceed.

In whatever you chose,

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Hope For You

I hope for you

To have a happy life

And see God’s grace

In all the little blessings.

I hope for you

To dream big

And fly high

Let those dreams carry you.

I hope for you to look at the

Beauty and see God’s hand in it

And for you to look at tragedy and lean

Stronger on him.

I hope for you to love

And not hate.

Dream and not give up.

I hope for you to get on your feet

Every time you fall.

I hope for you to bring

Hope for the future…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Turn On Nancy Grace and I Pray

Another day

Another story

Another life lost

Or another child missing

An innocent victim of hate

People playing sick games

But I find hope in the midst of sorrow

I find faith in a victims voice.

Another episode of Nancy Grace

And I pray for another child

Another woman, another man

Another story to be told

I turn on Nancy Grace and

I pray.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell