Today We Said Goodbye

Today we said goodbye,

To one we love,

She was our strongarm,

When times were tough,

The one who had a way,

Of drawing us together,

When we felt a million miles apart,

Now our strongarm,

Has gone to rest in

Heaven’s Arms…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


We are going to miss you Nonna… Goodbye….

We Had To Say Goodbye

It was hard,

As we sat there,

On thursday,

Watching her die,

The end came at 12;09,

Friday Morning,

As all the differences,

And family fights were dropped,

And we gathered around,

Her bedside,

Holding hands,

And saying goodbye,

The tears were endless,

And they still are…

In memory of Ethel B Verbeck

( Nonna )

August 29.1914-Nov.7.2003

We miss you Nonna:(

I Imagine

I imagine

You are in Heaven

Spreading the love

Like you spread here

On earth.

I Imagine

As we grieve

Over the loss of someone

Deeply loved

By every life she touched.

You are celebrating

Your reunion with the

One who Created us.

I Imagine

The world

Is a brighter place

For all the lives you touched

And while Heaven celebrates

Those you love are grieving

And at the same time celebrating

Because we know

You are in the hands of the King.

In Memory of Sister Green gone but never forgotten

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Carry Memories of Nonna

The picture of my Nonna Adelina (Ethel) Barbare Greco Verbeck was taken during her Senior year of high school in 1931-32…She was a beauty inside and out…

I carry memories of Nonna with me

Precious memories

Of that woman who as a child

Taught me what it was to pray on my knees.

Who sat me on her lap

And taught me to read

When I was only three.

She was the woman who encouraged me

To reach for my dreams

And to learn,

She and I were similar that way

Wanting to learn something new everyday.

Nonna my precious Italian- American Grandmother

Gave me so much more

A million memories

I will always carry with me

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


12:38 P.M PST

For the Moments We Shared

In memory of Melissa (Mimmi) Best friend and Sisters at Heart…

For the moments we shared

In laughter and tears.

For the phone calls

That kept us updated

And the prayers that

Kept our friendship


For the moments we shared

In joy and sorrow

You always had a way

Of knowing what to say

When my pain was deep

Even in your own pain

You learned to reach out to me.

For the lessons you taught

On what it was to truly be brave

You wore your pain bravely

And you taught me to do the same.

I learned to live by what you said

“Feeling sorry isn’t going to change anything

So why spend that energy when you could

Be living life.”

For the moments we shared

That were true and real

I carry the memories with me

And in doing so

A piece of you lives

On in my heart.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:47 P.M PST

Dancing with the Lord

You are missed Melissa, but we know where you are and find comfort in that fact…

You must be having fun

Dancing with the Lord

Running free

Of restrictions

That life brought you.

It must be wonderful

To be whole again

Amputated limbs

Made whole again

But we miss you

And it hurts to know

You are gone

Still I will rejoice

Knowing you are

Dancing with the Lord…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



3:53 P.M PST

You Learn to Laugh Through the Tears

A little sentimental today, but I can smiling knowing Melissa and Nonna are now with Christ~

You learn to laugh

Through the tears

Smile through the memories

Get through the hard times

On the wings of faith.

You learn to accept the loss

By carrying those you loved

With you always.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell




6:05 P.M PST

My Hearts Still Heavy

It’s been five weeks since I learned that Melissa went home to be with the Lord, some days I do better at excepting it than others, today my heart feels heavy with Grief…

My hearts still heavy

The pain is still there

The Lord has you in his arms

But I still hurt

Thinking of all the things

We are not going to get to share.

You were going to be in my wedding

I wanted you there when my first child

Was born

You were going to watch your

Precious Son grow

But though I would not wish

You back

In the pain you were in

It still hurts that you are gone

And I guess the grieving

Has only really just begun.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:03 P.M PST

When I Say Farewell My Friend

In Memory of Melissa Williams, my bestest friend, and the Sister of My Heart…

When I say farewell

My friend

I know I will

See you again,

At Heaven’s gate

But for now

The grief and pain will

But we know

You are now free of pain

And we know that


The cases,

The hurt

A little

But as I said

The pain is real

And my heart aches

For that emptiness in my heart.

You were so much more than a friend

You were my sister-friend

Farewell Bestest Friend

Your life’s journey has come to the end

So young and you are gone

But you are free of pain now

And I know we will see

You again.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell




3:00 A.M PST

99 Ballons

Please if you are able watch the video to understand the poem..

99 ballons

Represent the life

Of a tiny baby boy

With a condition

That took life away

For one so young.

A Mother and Dad


But they could be angry

They could shake their fists at God

And ask why

But instead they learned

The gift of life.

A testimony so touching

From a tiny child who

Never uttered a word.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:10 P.M PST