Two Sides…Same Coin

It’s like two sides

To the same coin

Two people

Trapped in one body

One sweet and kind

The other ready

To snap everytime

As much as a hello is said.

I wonder if you realize

When you are like this

How many people

Are missing out on

Seeing the true you?

I miss the friend

That I once knew

But at times

It’s taken over

By this person

That at times

Can seem downright

Mean and demeaning

But somehow I keep

Reaching out to you

Because I know

Somewhere underneath

All of that

Is the true you.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:53 P.M PST

Beneath the Mask

Beneath the mask

Of the dont ask me

How I’m doing

Or the leave me alone

I’m fine’s

I see the real you.

Underneath all the snapping

And compulsive decisions

That end up hurting you in the end

I see the one that reaches

Out in her own way

Who tries to encourage

And love in her own way.

Amidst all the layers

I see the real person


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:55 P.M PST

Do You Really Think She Wants To Be This Way

Do you really think

She wants to be this way

When she’s herself

She’ll look at me

And say I am surprised

You stick by me through

All that you do?

But I know if I wait

Days, Weeks or Months

Again the true you will


And I’ll see that friend

The one that i love to laugh


The one I can

Talk with.

And people will ask

Why don’t you just

Let this friendship go

But I have prayed and prayed

And the Lord has showed me my

Place as her best friend

Through the good and the bad

And though the ride can be hard

For me,

Imagine what it must be for her?

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:49 P.M PST

Where Is She Lord

Where is she Lord

This is hard

For me and everyone around her

How must it be for her?

I struggle with the her

At times the ones that has no

Self control

That says mean

And hateful things

To those she cares about

Who acts recklessly

And I wonder

When will that sweet person

The one I know is down deep

Will return

When the clearer image

Of her will return?

Lord this is hard

And only by you

Can those who call her

Family and Friend

Get through this.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:56 P.M PST

The Shadow

At times

I don’t know when

Her dark shadow will emerge

The one thats not the true her

The one that speaks of Mania

And depression

Where she sinks so deep

That the only way

She pulls herself out

Is by driviing others

Down with her.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:37 P.M PST

Two In One

I still think about her

And pray from time to time

Remembering the good times

Of a friendship that once was.

But I could not take the games anymore.

Just wasn’t strong enough to have

A friend who cried on my shoulder one minute

And the next called me names.

At times it was like watching a child

In a tantrum.

When the mood turned Manic

And I became the verbal punching bag.

I may not be her friend any longer

But I pray for her

And from time to time

I remember the good times.

When Meds stabilized her moods

And she actually took them

And when we could laugh at the silliest of things.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell