My Fathers Hands

My Fathers hands

Are strong and sure

They are the tools

That created the Universe.

My Fathers Hands

Are Loving but firm

They embrace those who love


My Fathers Hands

Are Beautiful and Sure

They are the hands

That molded me

Before I was born

Then planted me in my mothers womb.

My Fathers Hand

Are Strong and Sure

Certain and True.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Words of Praise

I write these words of praise

Because of the Savior

That dwells within me.

I sing the song of praise

To the Savior

Who shed his blood for me.

I write these words of praise

To Christ Jesus,

The son that dwells

Within me.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Just A Little Talk

Just a little talk

And it makes everything all right.

Just a little talk

To chase away fears and fright

Just a little talk

And everything is okay

The hurts and aches

Are lifted away.

Just a little talk

And make everything alright.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


He Is Risen

No longer Do

We search for him on the cross

We open our hearts and

He is there.

He is Risen

Jesus Christ

The Son of man…

Michelle R Kidwell


Lord Give Me Strength

Lord give me strength

To endure the things I need to endure

Help me to battle this battle

Lord give me strength

To care for myself

and care for those around me

Even when I have no strength.

Lord give me laughter

And yes tears too

Give me the smiling face of a child

A sunny spring afternoon.

Lord give me strength…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Lord Hear Our Prayers (For Karla)

Lord hear our


A friend is hurting

And we hurt with her

The pain is real

As are the tears.

Lord hear our


You have the power to heal

And this is my healing prayer

For a deal friend

Touch her body and
Spirit Lord

As only you can.

Lord hear our prayer

Touch our friend

Make her well.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell




2:50 A.M PST


Authors Note: Please join me in praying for Karla, may the Lord’s healing hand make her well…God Bless



I Believe (Galatians 2:21)

Galatians 2:21

I do not treat the grace of God as meangiless.  For if keeping the law could make us right with God, then there was no need for Christ to die…

I believe

The Grace of God

Saved me

As he shed

That blood

For me

Crimson blood

On calvary

The price of Salvation

Was paid by

God’s own Son.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Lead Me By the Hand Lord

Lord lead me by the hand:

Lead me by the hand

Precious Lord,

To the land of promise

Precious Lord.

Lead me by the hand

Precious Lord

To the gates of pearl

And the streets paved of Gold

Where your holy presence

Feels me to overflowing.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell