Book Review: Dauntless



Sleiman, Dina L.

Bethany House

Bethany House Publishers

Pub Date   Mar 3 2015

In this book you get to travel back to 1216 in Wydenshire England.  You will be reintroduced to Lady Merry and Robin Hood in this retelling of the Story.

This book is full of action, adventure and Romance in the setting of Medieval England.  Merry soon finds herself held prisoner in the Castle of King John the very man who murdered her Father.

Timothy Grey an Earl’s assistant tries to earn a title from the king by Capturing Merry but once he meets her face to face he is not sure he can go through with this plan.  He soon finds himself struggling with his feelings towards Merry.  She is open and speaks to him of her Faith even daring to go against the Pope and the King.

I give this novel five out of five stars…

Happy Reading…

Humbly I Came


Humbly I came

Asking my dear 


My calling

In Life,

He said

My child

That is simple

You just need

To write words

Of Inspiration

And offer a hand of


And So I said

Lord thank you

And I reached out

To those precious


Who touched my life

So fully.

And to the precious children

Who have been part of my life

So completely.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


3:23 P.M PST

I Learned Respect




*More falling, and living with this condition, ended up with a sprained ankle, but that’s okay, I will continue to fight this battle and hold on to my faith…

Here we go again

With this condition that

Leaves me weak

And tired

Exhausted at times

Not necessarily physically

But it can leave me drained

It’s like Satan is trying to

Take me down

But I got news

I will not go down

That easily

I will continue to

Fight this fight

With Grace and Dignity

And I will hold on to faith

And smile through the pain

Because this is just life for me.

And I do not need to seek

Out endless pity

I will get through this

With Christ by my side

And at my weakest

I know he carries me.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:43 P.M PST

Bitter…No That’s Just Not Me





I could be bitter

Over the things I suffer

I could cry out

And constantly ask why me

But no that is just not me

So instead I thanked the Lord

For the gift of life

Even if I often fall

Even if my Muscles are weak

It is so much better

For me and those around me

To rejoice in what I have

Then it is for me to through

A never ending pity party.

I admit I am not perfect

And sometimes I ask why me

But for the most bitter

Bitter?  No that’s

Just not me.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:21 P.M PST

Authors Note:  His Grace is sufficent for me…

I Asked Jesus

I asked Jesus

To lead me

And he lead me

Down the path of


Showing me that

His loving care

Has always been there

And I took his arm

And walked on

In my Saviours arms.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell




10:07 P.M PST

Signs of the Times

To Our Lord And Savior I believe the Time is drawing Nigh

In the words of the Lord
In our blessed Holy book
The Bible
We hear that in the end days
There will be wars and rumors of wars
We here of conflict amoungst God’s chosen Land
And now we are facing the reality
With the Conflict in Israeal and Lebanon
I believe it is time we start thinking and speaking
And getting right with the Lord
Because we do not know the hour
Or the day
But I believe the time draws nigh.
We are seeing wars
Famines and earthquakes
Evil Rulers
Control countries
And now I say lets get ready
Let’s be prepared
Because the signs of the times
Point out that the hour is near.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
11:12 P.M PST

Author’s Comments:
“There will be wars and rumors of wars, and now we are facing that with the crisis in the middle east, with the fight in Lebanon and Israel, and it’s time we get right with the Lord if we aren’t already there…”

I’ve Walked the Fire

I’ve walked the fire

Felt the flames

Dealt with the battle

It’s been at my door

People have tried to

Throw hurtful words

Stronger than any swords

But I will stand up

And fight this battle

I have a right to

Fight for what I believe

And Fight I will.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


8:56 P.M PST

Child of Hunger

Child of hunger

It should never be

This way

You should never have to

Lay down and die

So painfully

Becuase you lack

The rice you need.

Child of hunger

My prayers are with you

I am trying to do what I can

My words are your voice

My love is given to you.

Child of hunger

May you find the bread

You need.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:34 P.M PST

In Our Own Back Yards

In our own back yards

Children are going hungry.

America is suppose

To be the land of plenty

But for some it is the land

Of Hungry.

In our own back yard

A child is slowly dying

It’s body turning against


Because it does not

Have the food

The nutrition it needs.

In our own back yard

We can help these children

Send them our love and support

This is America

No child should go


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:32 A.M PST

Even In America children go hungry, but there are actions we can take…God Bless