Shaking Hands With An Angel

Who said curiosity killed the cat, Pic of our Cat Olivia, Checking Out the “Christmas Angel”

Shake hands with an angel

Or perhaps in my case

It should be paws

Something fascinated

About the movements

About the lights

Something magical about

This time of year

Who said cats

Can’t feel God’s love

And touch his angels

Certainly not me.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:06 P.M PST

I’ve Got Her Wrapped Around My Little Paws

I have my Mommy wrapped

Around my little paws.

I know how to get what I want

Just by being cute

I have a special little dance

I do

When I want something.

I give alot of love

Just by being who I am

I am my Mamma’s little puppy love

I love her and she loves me.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


4:55 P.M PST

I Think I’m A Lap Dog

I think I am a lap dog

I will climb on my My masters lap and


Despite the fact that I am seventy pounds

And seven months

Of puppy weight.

I know I am loved

Because I give Master kisses

And she pats me on the forehead.

She took me tricker treating Hallowwen

And I got a doggie stocking

On Christmas.

When I was really little

And my Doggie Mommy could no longer

Take care of me

I came from a litter of eleven puppies

My Master took me and fed me puppy formula

Until I grew big and strong

Now I can knock her down

With my exuberance and love.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


8:30 P.M PST

I’m Mamma’s Little Princess

How can you not fall in love?

Photo Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Abby (Abigail Marie)

I’m Mamma’s little princes

Her Angel Cake

I can make her smile

Even when she is down.

I love to sit on her lap

As she types

Or play with the ball

Or my baby doll.

I am loved

And I know it

Blessed too.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:58 A.M PST

Aren’t I the Little Princess

Aren’t I the little princess

My Mamma’s little pride and joy

I am her angel baby

Her little Abby

I am her precious princess

Her joy

I love my Mamma and

I have her wrapped around all

Four paws.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:31 P.M PST

You Gotta Love Me

Abby brings me so much joy.

You gotta love

Me when that little

Stump of a tail wags

And I do that little dance

I do when I know its time for

A ride.

You gotta love me

When I claw at your leg

Just to have you hold me

And when I crawl in bed

Taking over your pillow.

You gotta love me

Because I am your little princess.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:38 P.M PST

They Say I’m a K.9 I Don’t Think So

You know

I have you

Wrapped around my paws

I am Mamma’s princess

And I know it

I get all the love

And like a child

When I don’t get

What I want

I sit down and look at you

With that funny look

And stick my tongue out

When I get mad

But I love you

And know you protect me

And I protect you.

They say I’m a K.9

I don’t think so

I’m a people

And don’t you forget it


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:57 A.M PST

Life Is Purr…Fect

Life is purr…fect

We have lots of love

Plenty of food

A warm place to sleep

Plenty of pets

And laps to sit on.

We went from being outside

And alone to being inside

And surrounded with people who care!

Life is purr…fect!

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:50 P.M PST