Book Review: One Moonlit Night: Sweet River Romance

One Moonlit Night: Sweet River Romance

B.J Robinson


This is a sweet tale of Romance.

Connor wants nothing more than to Marry Callie..The only problem is neither parents seem to approve of them getting married.

For eight years Connor abides by the wishes of both parents by not pursuing Callie but neither does he see anyone else.

When Callie is in an accident and nearly killed Connor rushes to the hospital..

If you like sweet romantic tales told in a clean manner as I do then One Moonlit Night is a definite must read….

Happy Readiing….

My Muse Came to Me

My Muse came to me

Late one night

As I was to drift asleep

And the paper and pens were

Just out of sight.


My muse came to me

In the middle of an important appointment

When I was trying to concentrate on the task

At hand,

But the words kept

Dancing in my head.


My muse came to me

And my pen started moving

Powered by that invisible force

We authors call our muse…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Look Beyond

Look Beyond

What I can not do

And see what I can do.

Look beyond

The world’s defintion


And see just what I can do.

Look beyond

And see me

Not the definition of

Who you think I should be.


I am differently abled,

I have a condition

That affects my legs

That sometimes affects my arms

But still I live my life

I work

I dream

I create

I am me…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Lessons In Inspiration

I’ll never forget, 
The time we spent together, 
Watching our bond of friendship, 
(of sisterhood) 
We spent hours, 
As you tried to teach me, 
The Makarana, 
I never got the hang of it, 
BUt had fun anyway. 
We laughed together, 
Watching shows like golden girls, 
And cried together, 
Clinging to one another, 
As we shared sadder moments. 
We stood outsidre, 
Posing for pictures, 
And I learned from you, 
Powerful lessons, 
On friendship, 
On not giving up, 
The way you live your life, 
Not letting your differences 
Get you down, 
Was a witness to me. 
I learned from you, 
The meaning of friendship, of sisterhood. 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 

Written for Melissa, best(est) friend and sister of my heart… the friendship moments we share are priceless…

And Jesus Called Her Home

He told her


Your days on earth are coming to an end

You’re body is growing old and tired,

You miss the family gone before you.

He told her


In heaven I have a place for you

Resting in my arms

And the arms of my father.

He told her

Come to me my daughter

And that November night

Her soul took flight.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


In memory of Ethel B Verbeck August 29.1914-November.7.2003

For Friends Like You

For friends like you

Who love fully

And live fully.

Who encourage

And enlighten

Who laugh and cry

When you need them too

For the friends

Who pray

When their is a need

And who will just talk

When that is needed.

For the friends

Who are great writers

Great thinkers

Great dreamers

Great poets

And great storytellers

For the friends

Who embody the meaning

Of Friendship

This one’s for you.


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Refuse to Be

I refuse to be branded,

By emotional scars,

Defined by my inabilities,

When my abilities outweigh,

My inabilities by far.

I refuse to be judged,

By the way I walk,

I may have a disability,

But it certainly does not have me.

I refuse to let others tare,

What I do,

And Who I am down,

I am the person God created me to be,

And that is all that really counts.


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


I Rebuke Thee Satan




In the face of temptation

Allow me to stand my ground

And say

“I rebukee thee Satan,

Get away from me.”

Lord in the face of evil

Allow me to say

“Satan I am protected

By the shield of Salvation.”

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Visit Me

Visit me

In the late night

When my eyes are closed

And dreams are playing

In my head.


Visit me

When the sun is shining bright

And the glory of the morning light

Plays with my eyes.


Visit me

When I am going through my day

Planting ideas in my head

Giving me the words I need to say.


Visit me whenever the time

Is right

My heart is open

My mind is open.

Visit Me.


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell