Angels Come Disguised

More and more I am hearing of children and teens suffering from Cancer, now it hits closer to home a young girl whose family I know is suffering from a Cancerous Tumor…

Angels come disguised

In Chemo bald heads

And silent struggles

Tiny bodies

Fighting an incredible fight.

Angels come disguised

In tiny bodies

In huge hospital beds.

Angels come disguised

In the faces of the fight.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:04 P.M PST


Wrote this for a friends then three year old Son who was fighting Neuroblastoma and at nearly eight still is

At three years old

You began this battle

Not one you asked to fight


A scary condition

A scary fight

One you fight

With the bravery

Of a warrior

Your Mommy and Daddy

Your big brother

So many your allies

But Jesus

He’s the one that sees you


And in my eyes

That makes you

A Hero

In the true st sense of the word

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:16 P.M PST