They Reach Out…You Grab Their Hand

I wrote this for a friend who was hurting at the time…

They don’t understand you

The way I do

See that person shinning through.

Judging you is not my jobs

Nor would I want it

I am not God

Nor would I ever claim to be

But I do believe God has a reason

For each obstacle we face

And as you have been hurting

He has led me to help you

In little ways

That really aren’t so little

Because when a friend reaches


And you grab their hand

That’s the way

God meant it to be.

And now all I can do

Is be that friend

And pray for your physical



And totally.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Words Hurt, but We Hold the Ultimate Power When We Forgive

And that is where the power lies, the power of forgiveness….

There is a fine line between speaking your mind and being hurtful, we can say what we need to say or what comes to our mind without being mean and if it comes down to being mean we should really think twice before we say what may hurt others, intentionally, unintentionally or otherwise.

As a writer I know that words can hurt, and that they have the power, they can hurt more than a physical blow in some ways, they come at us harder and the effects are more lingering…No wonder that so many people have such low self esteem…

You’re not pretty enough (Blow)

You’re not good enough (Strike)

This person says this about you, and this person says that:

I know sometimes in the heat of the moment, in the heat of anger, or in just plain confusion we say things we should not say do things we should not do, and no matter what anyone says I would wager that everyone is guilty, because we are all human after all, but like Jesus forgave us. We need to forgive just as Christ forgave us, and I am not saying that the pain is going to be wiped away over night, I am not saying that suddenly everything is forgotten and perhaps in the process of forgiveness we will loose those we care about, but our focus does not need to be on that, it needs to be on forgiveness.

So for all of those who have hurt me, whoever you are, wherever you may be, whatever you are doing in life, I forgive you…

And that is where the power lies, the power of forgiveness….

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell