In The Scheme of Things

I know in the scheme of things

When life has you wondering and questioning

God has a way of bringing someone

Into your life

And making you realize

That the one’s that matter

Are going to be the ones there

Even after the fights and arguments

The bitting and snapping

They are going to be the ones

Who call you up

And say hey

Guess what I think

We needed a little fun

Lets go out and just

Have fun

We’re young only once

And we both need to get

Our mind off things

So be ready

Let’s go.

And its those people

Who despite everything

Can look at you

And say

You no we may argue

And fight

Lord knows over

Silly things

And i may snap at you

From time to time

But you are still like

A sister to me

That hasn’t changed.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:09 P.M PST

I’ll Stand Tall Until I Cannot Stand At All

Living with a disability becomes a lifelong lesson in not taking the little things for granted…

It’s easy this day and age to loose sight of the things that really matter.  We get wrapped up in the little things, but we take those little things for granted.  I think for myself at least it is time that I take time and look at the things that really matter, and appreciate the little gifts in life, because in many ways they are the greatest gifts we can be given.

Living with a disability becomes a lifelong lesson in not taking the little things for granted,  I know that the things I may be able to do today, I may not be able to do tomorrow, so as one of my favorite quotes says:

“I am only one, but still I am one. I can not do everything but still I can do something.” Edward Everest Hale in a Speech he gave about his Cousin Helen Keller.

I do not take the things for granted, but neither do I allow myself to dwell in the valley of self pity.  I have to much life to live so that really is not an option for me.  I have kids who need me, and friends who are my strength when I am weak, and I try to be there’s as well.  Yesterday I found myself talking briefly with my friend with MD, she is not one to really talk about herself and what she is going through, but with me, because we both struggle she does open up some and yesterday she admitted that the pain had gotten worse, not that it slows her down, she was still doing what she does, and she still prayed with me over Amber, and my own battle with pain, but both of us are of the school of that if we don’t lose it we are going to use it, and I truly believe it is our faith, and the wonderful support system we have that has allowed us to come this far.

I think having pets has been another advantage in my life my dogs and cats are great company, and Mychael is a great protector.  He has a sweet temperament for the most part, but if he feels he is in danger he will definitely do something about it.  Abby is such a joy too, my friend Fran got her for me a short time after Nonna died, and that helped me through the process of grief.

My niece Amber shows me all the time the importance of appreciating the little things.  I love the fact that I have such a great niece, who can take the time to enjoy the little thing.  I love the sound of her laughter when she plays with my Moms Puppy Marissa!  Or when she gets one of Teddy’s toys and starts playing with Him.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


This Writer’s Dreams

Some of my greatest ideas have actually come from dreams, dreams that the Lord blessed me with, and let me remember.

As a writer I am also an observer.

Often writers are told they have their heads in the clouds and sometimes that is true . Which one of us have not been guilty of putting our head in the clouds? I mean who can honestly tell me they have not day dreamed. Truth is there is nothing wrong with day dreaming, but there are times when we have to be acutely aware that is not true for only writers but everyone, but as writers, we learn to study people. A certain mannerism, a certain figure of speech anything can be an inspiration for a story idea a character.

Some of my greatest ideas have actually come from dreams, dreams that the Lord blessed me with, and let me remember.

It was a dream that gave birth to A Sister’s Justice, Followed By Deception Beneath, and Buried Truths. A dream was what created Marishka Tanya Alexei Character.

Anna was dead, just like that, she had taken her own life. I thought she was getting better, that she was going to start a new life, I never imagined that she would end her life. I was the oldest sister, I should have known something like this. I should have seen it, made her get help.

I prayed that I would wake up and this would all be a nightmare. Anna really couldn’t have killed herself, yet deep down I knew it was real.

” We need you to come down and identify the body, we are sure it’s her, but it’s part of the procedure.”

The body, my sister was more than a body! A Sisters Justice Page.40-41 Published 2009 PublishAmerica.

Books of course are another great source for ideas, as are pictures, a single image can spark a myriad of ideas. Different authors will see different stories in that same photograph that same image.

As a writer and a Christian I find myself praying that I am able to touch others for Christ with my words, and to educate others. We as writers are learning from the past in more ways than we realize, and we live in a day and age where that knowledge is right at our fingertips, the internet can be a tool for evil if we allow it, but I choose to use it for good. I am by no means perfect, but that is not the point I do serve a perfect Lord, who has blessed me with the gift of words.

And I never know what dreams the Lord might bless me with and how they may turn into stories, stories that show just what others are capable of, stories that look beyond a person’s disabilities or differences, and show the love of Christ shining through them.

From Deception Beneath Book Two In The Marishka Tanya Alexei Series Published October 2009

As I watched my children though, I had faith that they would not

follow the path Anna followed, and I had faith that they would learn from

my mistakes as well. I wanted them to understand that it was okay to talk

about things that were bothering them. I did not want them thinking they

had to bottle everything up. Something Sophia, Anna and I had believed

growing up. It was Ana who first broke the silence about what happened

to us as children. Page.13

Dreams can carry us to places that we may never see otherwise, and I truly believe that the Lord gives us certain dreams, for certain reasons, and I believed he wanted me to tell Marishka’s story, something I am still telling to day. Book three has been submitted for publication and I am currently mapping out book four. All for the glory of the Lord.

In Christ’s Love


Living Life

Sometimes you

Get so busy

Just living life

You forget to take

Stock of the blessings that

Surround you

And how quickly

Life can pass

So I make it a habit

To tell those in my life

That I care

And if we disagree or fight

From time to time

I always pray

That we make up


So we can pick up

Where we left off.

Because you never know

What tomorrow may bring

Cherish life

Don’t be afraid to say

You care,

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:54 P.M PST

When We Think Of Friends

Ran into a friend and fellow author Jean Marie Shea, Author of the Forgotten Little Tree Copyright 2009

When we think of friends

What is it we think of most?

The caring hearts

That get us through the rough times

The prayers whispered and shouted.

When I think of our friendship

I think of your kindness.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Where Has the Time Gone

Where has the time gone

Barbie Dolls


With Hannah Montana and Barbie!

Blues Clues replaced with

Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Not the little girl

With the red curls anymore

She is the young lady

Who has outgrown those things

On the verge of becoming the young


Twelve years have flown by

And this Auntie is begining to reflect

On the joys this little girl brought in our life.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


6:58 P.M PST

3/17/2015 and now she is eighteen

What Does Tomorrow Hold

My ten year old niece Sierra sitting on my scooter the couch was taken LOL

What will you become?

What will you dream?

Childhood slips by quickly

My sweet niece

No not blood

Not in the familial sense anyway

But you could not be more related

If you were.

What will you become?

What will you dream

What does your tomorrow hold

I watch you grow

And I must say

I am proud of

The young lady you are

Growing into.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:38 P.M PST

Celebrating Life

You and I

We are not always going

To see eye to eye

And Lord knows

Sometimes we fight

But sometimes friends do.

But slowly I am trying to understand you


And celebrate the good times with you.

And as you approach your

Thirty third birthday

I’d like to celelbrate life

And just have fun

Be the friends

God meant us to be.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5:13 P.M PST

You Never Know

No one said

Tomorrow was a given

But it is a gift

So for each tomorrow given

Tell your family

Your friends you

Love them

Forgive someone whose

Wronged you

Lead someone in prayer

Write a story

Sing a song

Draw a picture

With a child

Laugh a little louder

Be that shoulder

When someone needs to cry.

Tomorrows not a given

So cherish today.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


7:43 P.M PST