She Was (A Tribute to Our Veterans)

Karla you latest poem Remember Me inspired this one…

She was Daddies little girl

All American tomboy

Growing up it was GI Joes

And War toys to her

She dreamed of fighting for her


Showing the world

What her a mere girl could do.

They laughed at first

Until they saw the determination

In her eyes

And she joined

That September day

When the whole world changed

And the American Way

Was tested in every way.

She was Daddies little girl

Mommy’s little angel

Her blood shed for this country

The closest I can get

To doing what Jesus did

She said

Now they salute her

Her Memory her heroism.

She was Daddy’s Little Girl

Mamma’s little angel

But most of all

She was an American Soldier.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


6:13 P.M PST

It’s More Than A Memory

A Tribute to all Who Have Served

It’s more than a memory to them

This war they served.

She lost a leg

On the streets of Kabul


Traps him in memories of Saigon.

And the Hell he experienced.

Loud noises are the worst

Taking him back to those days.

She fought her country with pride

Volunteered for service

Not forced in

Like so many tried to convince

And she would do it again

In a minute

Because she values her service.

He was drafted all those years ago

But never burned that card

Like so many did.

He was called to duty.

To fight a war on foreign land

And Lord willing to save lives

Although he had to take a few

That hurt more than the bullets flying by.

They fought for this country

With the pride of


One with generations

Behind her

The other one

A first generation Soldier.

But they fought with a sense of

Pride and dignity.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


11:51 A.M PST

Freedom Not Without A Cost

Freedom did not come
Free it was bought with
Of the Hero’s
Who fought so that
We may have the right
To stand up
And speak for what we believe.

Freedom came with a cost
The ultimate cost
Someone died for that right.
So every time you gather together
And speak up
Remember those freedoms
Were afforded
Because someone was willing to risk their lives.

Freedom did not come
It was bought with blood
And tears
And sweat
For those who died
And those who lived
All who served.
So amidst the barbeques
And get together’ s
Take a moment to life a prayer
For all who suffered
All who died
That we may be free.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

1:07 P.M PST